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phone recylersTech and Trends:- Syed Haider, founder and MD of Phone Recyclers, said, “Me and my team come from a 15-year programming and business background. We always wanted to merge the power of IT into a recycling business, which allows people to grab the best deal for their unwanted gadgets while helping to reduce their carbon foot print and energy usage.”

Value for money

With today’s growing demand for multimedia products and gadgets, Phone Recyclers offers the best value for your money by offering top-notch recycling service for your smart phones, tablets, navigators, game consoles, cameras and plenty of other unwanted electronics that you may want to sell. Our intelligent system, Kratos, which is built on state-of-the-art principles, helps us provide our customers with unbeatable and unmatched prices so you can enjoy peace of mind without having to worry about the right pricing.

Experienced professionals

With over 15 years’ experience in the recycling industry, we have extensive IT expertise and specialise in electronics gadgets recycling with a friendly and efficient service.

Our team has combined knowledge of the electronics and software solution industries. Our experts are able to guide you through the process to ensure you achieve the best, most environmentally efficient recycling option for your electronics. Furthermore, our recycling scope extends to many other products, including game consoles, game discs, MP3 players, cameras, tablets, computer parts, and so on. If you’re upgrading, or no longer use your electronic device, contact Phone Recyclers and make money now!

Value – post – check – payment

These four steps are all you need to know, and we are here to guide you through the process. Via our website, you value your item and add it to the checkout basket; you send it to us via our FREE postal service; we then check the item’s condition and send you your payment!

With our secure website, as well as email and customer service telephone line, we’re contactable to provide support and instruction every step of the way. Connect with us via our social media platforms on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to keep up-to-date with latest news and offers from Phone Recyclers.

Environmental care

As well as having a highly customer-focused business policy and a speedy service, we’re committed to environmental sustainability. We never dump stuff that can be reused as we explain

on Responsible Recyclers. By reusing and reselling your gadgets, we help other communities enjoy the same products and efficiencies as you do.

By using Phone Recyclers, you can rest assured that you’re not only receiving payment for your electronic goods, but are also participating in environmentally sustainable recycling practices.

Reuse/recycle your stuff

How can you make a real difference to improve people’s lives and get a star for environmental care into the bargain? How can one small thing that you own but no longer use be of any use to others?

Could there really be something you could do right now to help our ecosystem while making some money for charities or for yourself? Well, the reality is that together — Phone Recyclers and you — we can complete the resource cycle for environmental care.

Here at Phone Recyclers we’re well aware that a vast amount of resources are used up to make all the gadgets of a modern world. From batteries and transformers to mobile phones and books, we use up precious resources and energy in the manufacturing process. Yet all too often your devices wear out, become old-fashioned and, after all that, we throw them away.

Let’s think about what we’re wasting for a moment. Metals such as aluminium, iron, zinc, lead, tin, copper, nickel, chromium and even gold go into the making of the products we use. They’re the raw materials used to make steel cases, cabling, electrical contacts and more. These products and devices are certainly an achievement of modern times and we’ve come to rely on them. Yet, with your help the cost to the environment doesn’t need to be so high.

When you’ve finished with a gadget that still works, think about the benefits that it could still bring to someone else. Here at Phone Recyclers we send your reusable gadgets and books to people who need them, and we’ve made reuse really simple. Together we can help poorer communities to get the benefits that you have already enjoyed.

You may have items that no longer work. Don’t worry about that. At Phone Recycling we recycle those items too. When we recycle products we break them down and extract the components.

Metals and plastics can be extracted from waste and concentrated to make into new materials. These alternative materials can be used to replace the raw materials in some new products. So completing this cycle will make some of the exciting products that we buy less costly for everyone.

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