The Evolution Of Smart TVs

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Smart TVs

Information Technology Blog:- First, there were smart phones – now, smart televisions. What are these devices and why do I need one? A little over 10 years ago, HDTV was new and all the rage, but today it is commonplace. Walk into any large store featuring consumer electronics, check out the TV section, and see how many non-HD televisions are on display. You will discover that it is almost impossible to buy a TV today that is not HD. Most likely, the same trend will emerge in smart TVs, and with good reason. Smart devices, including TVs, phones, computers, and tablets can share photos, videos, movies, TV shows, and other data, through a common network, creating a more enjoyable user experience while eliminating a ton of frustration.

In addition to the TV watching that you are used to, you can expand your world of entertainment by connecting your TV to the internet. Because your TV can now communicate with any compatible device, such as a laptop, through a wireless network, you can stream an endless variety of content, including movies, videos, and special productions. You can control your TV through your computer or smart phone; or in some cases, by speaking to it or using hand gestures. This makes it easy to check the guide and to schedule future entertainment, which can be stored on the DVR or in the memory of other devices.

Smart TVs

Suppose you are in the family room watching TV, but you need to access the internet. This is not a problem, because the internet is now on your TV. Smart TVs allow you to easily and seamlessly switch between TV and internet. You can surf your favorite sites, share family photos, access fitness programs to stay in shape, and educate your kids. Many smart devices will allow you to “push” content to your TV, allowing you to check your email, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts instantaneously. You can even Skype with your friends and family, or your business associates, over the TV.

If you presently have a smart device such as an iPad, Droid, or Windows phone, then you are familiar with the use of apps. Now, you can download a variety of apps to your TV, or use the apps on one of your other smart devices to control your TV experience. Want to play Angry Birds on your TV? No problem!Smart TVs are here to stay (check out the latest Toshiba Smart TVs). Gone are the days when the television, computer, and stereo were located in different rooms. Combining the technology of various intelligent devices opens up a brave new world of entertainment and productivity. No longer will you simply watch TV – now, you will interact with it.

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