6 Tips to Protect Your Smartphone from Damage

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Technological advancement in communication technology hasn’t been easy, for both the manufacturers and the consumers. While their usefulness has increased manifolds over the years, we all must accept the harsh truth that smartphones are extremely fragile. Unlike the sturdy old Nokia 3310 that could crack your floor tiles, the switch to a glass touchscreen has made the phones susceptible to damage. However, till the manufacturers find a solution to this problem, there are several ways how you can keep your Smartphones and tablets from being damaged. Listed below are a few tips that can help protect your phones from internal and external damage.

  1. Screen Protector

While a screen protector cannot keep your screen from cracking, it can certainly keep it scratch-free as long as you use it. The touch screen is the most delicate part of the phone and any major scratch can make the phone unusable. The screen protectors are available in a variety of thickness and for almost all the phone models. A good screen guard not only protects the screen from damage but also improve the touch response.

  1. Install Anti-Theft and Mobile Security

We all know that smartphones don’t come cheap. Especially when you have a high end Smartphone, there might be a chance that someone tries to steal it. Also, the immensely popular Android phones are also prone to viruses and malware that might fry your expensive phone. The way to take care of both the problems it is always better to install a trusty anti-theft and mobile security app. The anti-theft app helps you to easily track the phone in case it is lost or stolen. The mobile security apps keep you phone protected from any malware and viruses keeping your data out of harm’s way. Several mobile security apps have an inbuilt anti-theft feature, which eliminates the need for using two separate apps.

  1. Always Use Trustworthy Resources for Apps

Prevention is always better than the cure and this phrase stays true for Smartphone apps. One of the most common threats to your android phone data are the malware apps that are disguised as genuine apps. While one can also come across a lot of malware on Google play, it is always better to avoid any unknown or untrusted resources. These fake apps should never be installed on your phone. Nevertheless, it is always better to install an anti-malware or mobile security app. In case your phone is not compatible with the latest apps, you can also update your operating system or sell your phone here for a good price and buy a high end Smartphone.

  1. Strong Case

While several people consider it to be bulky and ugly, but a good case can keep your phone protected from any minor falls. You can choose from a variety of designer and robust cases for almost every Smartphone model in the market. There are several cases that not only protect the phone from fall damage, but also keep it protected from dust and water. One can also go for the heavy duty cases that can protect your phone from even a drop from two stories.

  1. Get Phone Insurance

This might sound useless to some, but phone insurance for your expensive tablet or iPhone is a great investment. Insurance for your phone takes away most of the worries of damage and also provides for its repair. This is a must if you’re using an expensive tablet or a high-end smartphone, where a harmless act of clumsiness can burn a big hole in your pocket. However, do not forget to do a thorough market research to know your options before buying phone insurance.

  1. Keep Your Phone and Keys in Separate Pockets

A really handy tip to reduce the damage to your phone and camera is to keep the phone in a separate pocket. Keys or other hard items like coins can very well scratch your phone and cause damage to the screen and camera. Keeping the phone pocket free from any other items is the best way to avoid any unwanted scratches and nicks.

No matter how much we try, it is really hard to keep your phone totally damage free throughout its usage. However, by following the above tips we can certainly keep our phones protected and functional.

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