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Tech and Trends:- There is not a business in the world that would not be interested in increasing efficiency and saving costs. Professional 8 can deliver both of these results to your business, and more than that: it’s secure.

Working as part of a team no longer means working in the same room as other people. A modern day business team can involve colleagues and partners based in different continents, let alone another city. In order for each member of that team to contribute fully and share their vision for the work accurately, it is paramount that the review and amendment of a document is conducted using flexible, accurate and user-friendly software that is hosted in the private cloud. Professional 8 is designed to remove the frustration from working as a group on a specific document. Avoid unnecessary delays and the added costs that they incur for your business.

What does the software provide?

It allows for seamless, multi-party contributions to a document. It is possible to review and edit text, diagrams and images in Word or PDF files. All changes to a document can be seen in one simple view, allowing for a quick turnaround of revised drafts. Users of platform can manage multiple versions of a document and the software also allows for these different versions to be compared directly from the document management system (DMS) or enterprise content management (ECM) system on your computer.

When working with other parties on a shared document, there is always the risk of sharing more information than was intended. This may be little more than a cause for embarrassment but, at worst, it could severely damage your company’s reputation and even give rise to a legal claim for breach of data regulations. The software also allows you to work in confidence by spotting any sensitive data hidden from view (known as metadata) and alerting you to its existence. You will always know exactly what you are sharing.

The security of data shared is extremely strong. For instance, it will send attachments as secure encrypted links meaning that the content is only available in a controlled environment. Furthermore, access to a document can be restricted by a password or expiry date. This is prudent business practice for all organisations, but for some, it is a strict obligation they must adhere to.

When it comes to collaboration, for me, Workshare’s Professional 8 is the ideal software for your business.

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