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Tech and Trends:- The day to day running of a business has become more and more complex as the concept of the traditional office meeting room has dissipated. Whilst teleconference technology and bandwidth allocation has moved leaps and bounds in recent years, there is one aspect of doing business that was allowed to fall behind – file sharing. Initially our company handled file shares by emailing the relevant people a document. The process was time consuming and inefficient, especially when multiple documents needed compressing at one end and then unzipping at the other.

All that changed when we started using Professional 8, the world’s premiere document comparison and review software. The latest version makes file sharing an absolute breeze and you can compare documents even if they have been scanned into the system before hand. It’s fully integrated with our existing office software and email services and sports a host of impressive features that help things run smoothly.

Professional 8

For a start when we send files we know that they are secure; Professional 8 provides end-to-end encryption and instead of clumsy attachments we now access via a secure web link. The documents can be seamlessly synched with each other so that no matter where we are, all members of our team can be reading from the same master file. Multiple documents are no different, since the program allows you to amalgamate it all into a single PDF.
We can select who can and cannot view documents and also set a ‘window’ of opportunity, after which the file becomes locked. Work can be arranged in parallel, so that no matter where we stored the document, those with access can modify and review changes on the fly.

With so many unique features it’s hard to know how we coped before we started using Professional 8. The company offers a free online demo so that you can see the program in action, which is what gave us an idea of just how useful it could be. It would be great if our team was always together in the boardroom pouring over documents and firing off ideas at each other, but the reality of a globalised economy means that someone is almost always off chasing this project or that. With Professional 8 we get the input of the whole team whenever we need it and since each member brings something to the table, that’s got to be a good thing.

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