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DVD Duplication

Information Technology Blog:- A digital video disk also known as digital versatile disc is a kind of compact disc which can store huge amounts of data. Popularly referred to as DVDs, these are mostly used to store audio visual data having high resolution. The most common usage of DVDs is to store and play back movies or music. A DVD has the same dimension as a CD or compact Disc but can store much more data in comparison.

Types of disks

When they were first introduced there used to be only one kind of discs available that were mass produced, and stamped with specific data. Once the recording was finished, the data could not be erased or otherwise modified. This kind of discs had some inherent disadvantages. First was the issue of maintaining a huge number of DVDs. Over a period of time the DVD can get obsolete and one would not have any use for it. It would then just lie uselessly until destroyed. This would be wastage of money in addition to a storage issue.

Another problem would be that if there were any mistakes while recording the disc, it could not be erased or reset. This would also lead to the disc being discarded, again resulting in waste of money.

DVD Duplication

To combat such problems of wastage, re-writable DVDs and CDs were launched. The data on these discs could be edited, erased and re-written. Such discs were expensive than the previous versions, but the advantages more than compensated for this factor. You can burn the DVD, and enjoy the movies or music on it, and after a while, again use it to record more data.

DVD duplication process

The process of DVD duplication is almost same as burning a DVD or a compact disc on your computer. A CD/DVD duplicator takes the data present on the master disc, i.e. the disc which is being duplicated, and writes it to a blank disc. The final product after completion of the duplication process is a DVD-R. You can either do one at a time on your computer, or engage DVD duplication services. At a duplication facility, there is a provision to burn many discs simultaneously, by means of towers which are linked together. Each tower contains several CD/DVD trays so that many copies can be created simultaneously. There is a verification process after this, where the information is compared with that on the master disc. After the verification, the process of DVD duplication is complete.

Duplication services for hire

There are companies that specialize in the process of DVD duplication or compact disc duplication. They can duplicate up to 5000 copies over a span of 2-3 days. They have infrastructure capability to do bulk loads of DVDs and this saves a lot of time for the clients. They add a professional touch to the work, and this goes a long way to ensure the quality of the end products. Some companies also allow for last minute rush orders, to accommodate urgent needs of the client. Along with DVD duplication, such companies offer services like CD replication, CD replication, CD duplication, DVD replication, DVD printing, CD printing etc.

In the market, there are many companies to choose from, that provide DVD duplication services. You can research your options and pick the right one for your needs. Some companies also give you the option to preview the kind of work they have done. You can mail for samples of their work, and after seeing that, you can make up your mind about hiring them. Apart from burning the content on to the discs, you can avail services to do artwork on the disks. Some companies offer this designing facility for free. Such additional features can help you decide.

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