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Tech and Trends:- Yuji naka has developed a super star game for the game freaks and it has allured the mass of crowds towards it. In past days, people were crazy for the Saga games with a hit character Sonic. But, there were only few games that consist of this interesting character but now there are ample of options and categories to which one can choose for the best suiting one according to their taste. The green fields, sky leads, striped green path, rings and rings which could attract one to play more and more and get through all the levels. The three dimensional amazing graphics of the sonic games has made it so popular among the people. Not only the youth is so baffled around for these games but even the elderly aged persons are so converged towards it.

The sonic games are asserting also to some point but one really enjoys that twists of the game. Getting success after many failures also uplifts the confidence and mental strength of the being. One can even enjoy the game with the family and friends covering the whole story embedded in the game. The game is enjoyed not only by the players but also the persons sitting beside with the utmost interest. The sonic games are available in lot more variety and modes to be played with various other dress code and equipment operations.

sonic games

Technology employed:

The sonic games are equipped with the lock on technology. This technology is root automation behind the smooth and successful working of the game. This technology lets us access the cartridges and Genesis information. The era when saga was being introduced in 1991, it was a 16-bit console. It was the most amusing game at that time with its unique features and various elements ingrained in it. But, if one competes with the today’s era of technology, it seems to be a very low graded game but the newer versions have really improved from all the edges and given a tough clear cut competition to the other gaming categories. After this, with the formulation of the Sony Play Stations, came the real upfront of Sonic Company. Then with every new appraisal in technology came the new improvised versions of Sonic. There are numerous Sonic the Hedgehog games available in the market for all age groups but these games mostly attract the teenage.

Elements of sonic game:

Sonic riders: In this, the riders ride on the hover boards in the racing game of players. The riders are targeted to complete the 16 tracks on the skate boards.

Air tanks: It is the fuel tank of the extreme gear and other propels for the players riding in the game.

Bike: The motorbikes in the games are very virtual but real. The player can get access to it only after clearing a certain security level in the game.

Soundtrack: The background music of the Sonic games online is different for almost all games but very efficient also. Tokoi and Kumatanicomnposed the sound track of the game to the right edge. The music is electronic and vibrant.

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