The Awe Factor in Home Technology Today

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Tech and Trends:- As the year 2014 wounds to the last quarter, there is no denying that home owners are a happiest lot this year. If you are a home or property owner, you must have been wowed by the gizmos and cutting edge technology which now defines home security.

Why Worry about Home security Technology?

If you have not yet adopted the latest security technology for your home, you need to look at some numbers. According to a Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) report home break-ins form 94% of the biggest threat to your home.

What’s more only 17% of all homes attacked had any form of security systems thus explaining the ease of entry according to the Office of Justice. Simply speaking, you need to invest in the best security tools to make your home safer. The first step is of course learning what is trending in property security today in order to make an informed choice.

Home Technology Today

Trends in Security for your Home

Now that you appreciate why you need an effective security system in your property, it is imperative to understand the advances that have so far been made. Long gone are the days of the ordinary security alarms with conspicuous cables that alerted burglars.

Here are some of the latest advances in technology to make your home safer:


This is the hype in the industry and it is a system that is dynamically generated to create a security radius within your home. Users of your home will have a location-aware device offering location based service (LBS) with them.

When they enter or leave this radius, a notification will be sent to your appointed device be it a tablet or a mobile phone. This technology is ideal to protect kids or the elderly who might be left behind alone. This category of people is vulnerable and needs close monitoring.

Interactive Systems Adoption

According to Pew Research, 90% of Americans own mobile phones, 58% own a smartphone while 42% own a tablet. Using these devices, it is possible to control and assess home security systems from any location.

From video surveillance to alarm notification, this integration of services has revolutionized how you manage your home security. In essence, it gives peace of mind as you are assured of your family’s safety despite your absence.

Everything Goes Wireless

Forget the ugly cables and welcome to the world of remote control. With advances in technology such as Bluetooth, there is no need for wires anymore because wireless technology is not only cheaper but also more efficient. In fact, wireless technology ensures that the aesthetic value of your property is not diminished by ugly cables.

Customized Security Systems

Modern technology has one overriding benefit which is the ability to personalize it. Whatever technology you adopt for your home, it is possible to adapt it to fit your needs and lifestyle. You can work with just a small alarm or a fully equipped smart house with fingerprint access doors depending on your needs.


With more advances still in the pipeline, you have all the reason to smile as a home owner. After all what is a beautiful home if you are not assured of security? It is for this reason that you need to contact a reliable home security provider to guarantee the safety of your family and property.

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