Five Areas Where Social Login Can Boost Business

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In the recent survey, 65% businesses agreed that registered users hold more value than unregistered ones. Businesses are working harder than ever to boost registrations by simplifying registration process.

To overcome this issue, businesses are using Social Login. Social Login helps businesses leverage the popularity of social media networks to simplify account creation process and enhance sign-up rates as there are no forms to be submitted and no more passwords to keep track of.

Here I have listed down five industries which can maximize benefits using Social Login :

  1. QnA Industry :

Users visit QnA Sites like Quora, Mahalo, etc to gain knowledge or information about topics they are interested in and would rather spend time checking out the answers of their query than filling multiple field of a registration form. Forms with multiple fields seem quite annoying to everyone and might force them to leave in search of better options.


That’s where social login concept steps in. With Social Login, users can sign in to the website with just one click by using their social media accounts. Simplification of user registration process and higher sign-up rates are two major benefits of Social Login. Apart from this, on the basis of user data fetched with Social login, websites can send user’s latest trends and highlights as per user interest thereby making a win-win process for both business and the user.

QnA websites that are using Social Login : Quora, Mahalo, etc

  1. Entertainment Industry :


Entertainment industries like Online music sites, online movies sites or gaming sites often face higher competition with everyday some new website emerging in. Websites are trying their bests to make user experience better and personalized. Social login plays an important role here. With Social Login user can login to a website via social media accounts and the profile data that social login provides, helps businesses to understand user interests so that they can offer the content that interests users to the best.

Entertainment websites that are using Social Login : Vimeo, Saavn

  1. Mobile Websites and Apps :

Users are migrating from desktops to mobile devices which makes it essential for businesses to make their website mobile friendly. While accessing any website or using mobile app, users are expecting simpler and fast user experience. But a registration form with multiple fields being displayed in front of them as soon as they arrive to the mobile site or app, is quite annoying and will definitely force them to leave.


But with Social Login, users can easily sign in to your site with their preferred social media networks thereby making it a single click process. Most of the the users already have social networking apps like facebook, twitter or google plus installed on their phones which makes it easier to login.

Mobile websites and apps that are using Social Login : Goibibo, Flipkart, FreeCharge, etc News Industry :

One of the main issue faced by News websites is the increasing number of spam comments that leave foul impression on reader’s mind. Another issue faced is the lower sign-up rates. Visitors arrive at website, read the news and leave without registration. The probability of the return of such kind of visitors are very low. Talking from the reader’s point of view, why would a user bother to go through complete registration process when he can read the content without even signing up.


Social login does a great help there. When the reader sign in with social media account, the website gets more genuine users with authentic social media profiles.  The chances of spam or abusive comments are almost zero as the reader has used its popular social media account for signing in. Apart from that, web owners also get profile details about user like location, interests, gender, etc thereby offering more personalized news to the visitor.

News websites that are using Social Login : Huffington Post, Financial Times, CNN, etc

  1. Travel and Tourism Industry :

Online travel industry has witnessed significant growth in the past few years. Social Login has proven to be a great way to book tickets online. As per the Guardian, 59% users use Facebook   to sign in to travel websites. Implementing social login on your travel website will save user time and make the process convenient.


Travel websites that are using Social Login : Aruba, Tripadvisor, etc

Gone are the days when the use of social media for business was limited to eCommerce industry. With each day passing, every business is searching for different different ways to integrate social media with their website and social login is a great step in that direction.

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