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Tech and Trends:- Tools are not meant to find niches for you.

When I first started, I was taught to plug in keywords into the Google Keyword Tool (now called Google Keyword Planner) and search for hours until I found an uncompetitive keyword.

In reality, the keywords I chose were never uncompetitive – and as a result, they never ranked.

keyword research tools

The problem is, the GKP is terrible at finding keywords because it only connects words by loose English associations.

It doesn’t always bring back the best results and often overlooks the most amazing niches.

Let me give you an example to better demonstrate what I mean by this.

When I type in a broad seed niche like “basketball,” here are the results the GKP returns to me:

Keyword Research Basketball

While scanning through the results, I’m shocked to see that the GKP does not bring back the keyword “nba” as a related result.

The nba is one of the most popular leagues in the world and the only professional basketball league in the United States.

When I do a search for “nba” in the GKP, here’s what I get:

search for nba

The term “nba” gets 13.6 million searches – more than 20x the amount of searches “basketball” gets and yet, the GKP failed to bring “nba” up in the related searches for “basketball.”

Scanning through the results for “nba,” I notice that the GKP failed to bring up the most popular player in the history of the nba, Michael Jordan.

When I plug in “Michael Jordan” here’s what I get:

Michael Jordan

The name “Michael Jordan” is practically synonymous to “basketball” and “nba” yet the GKP cannot make these types of connections.

Whether you know anything about basketball or not, I’m sure you can make the connection between Michael Jordan and basketball, right?

“Michael Jordan Shoes” is a massive 22,200 exact match keyword that didn’t show up for either “basketball” or “nba.”

Michael Jordan Shoes

By plugging “Michael Jordan shoes” back into the GKP and going further down the rabbit hole, I’ve been able to find several untapped keywords that are wide open:

untapped keywords

As you can imagine, there are tons of untapped keywords just like these that NO ONE else is seeing.

You can also see that Google’s relationships between words are very robotic.

It doesn’t know how to make connections on very relevant words like you need it to.

This loophole applies to every niche out there.

For example, if you search “apple” in the GKP, the results will bring back: apple products, apple store locator and apple website.

On the other hand, here are some keywords that will not come back in related searches (even though they are extremely related).


  • Steve Jobs (Creator of Apple)
  • iPhone (Top selling Apply product)
  • MacBook Pro (Popular laptop line)
  • Apple pie (Most popular phrase associated with the actual fruit)

Because of this huge flaw, the biggest mistake is to rely your keyword research on GKP (or any other tool because their information is based on the GKP).

Very few people take the time to dig beyond the surface of a niche because:

  1. It is beyond the capabilities of the tools that exist
  2. They’re not even aware they’re missing out on these niches!

Keyword research tools are great for finding the search volume for a term, but it doesn’t tell you:

  • What people are searching for?
  • What’s popular right now?
  • Trends in the niche

You have to remember that the GKP is intended to let advertisers know how much it would cost them to bid on a keyword on Google’s Adword platform.

People don’t realize that the GKP is not designed to find profitable keywords for internet marketers. And this allows us to take advantage.

Since people don’t even know about this flaw in the tools they use, there are tons of treasures waiting to be discovered.

Instant success will follow simply by exploiting this loophole.

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