Why the sales process doesn’t end when the contract is signed

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Tech and Trends:- Traditional concepts about sales need to be adapted to the modern world. Your current clients are bombarded with offers from your competition and they are probably on the verge of changing their provider if something does not suit their needs.

The traditional belief is that the sales process ends when a potential lead signed the contract, made the first payment and became a client. In reality, the hard part just begins and things are getting more complicated. When the prospect was being sold your product, he was the main responsibility of just one person, your sales agent, but now he is the responsibility of several people who need to communicate constantly with him. Your sales agent will still get phone calls or emails from the client, your financial team needs to discuss bills and payments with the same client and the customer support team should always be in touch with him. This is only the short list and it creates a web of emails that can easily confuse your team.download

After a prospect becomes a client, the sales process continues in the form of excellent service. The service or the outstanding product that you offer will keep “selling” your ideas and values and will keep the client from switching to a different supplier. So all the parties which keep in touch with the client, and especially the manager, must know what was recently communicated with the client or what he requested since the first contact as a prospect.  You wouldn`t want, for example, to call a client to ask him to pay the bill just after the customer service team announced a delay in delivery or a problem with the product. This kind of approach will result in a very unhappy client and eventually in a lost client, or even worse, in a bad reputation that spreads a lot faster than positive word of mouth.

This is where AutoMagic Sync, a service offered by Floating Apps, comes in. This is a smart tool that allows the integration between Google Apps and Salesforce.com. It imports all the relevant emails, attachments, calendar events and contacts into Salesforce where you can see the full story about what happens on your accounts. You will have a full view of the relationship between your company and a certain client and it will make it very easy to avoid unwanted situations and manage business contacts better.

AutoMagic Sync is not an extension or a plugin. It works in the cloud through API`s only and it works intelligently without needing any effort from the sales team. Did I mention that is 100% free? AutoMagic Sync takes care of the Salesforce and Gmail integration seamlessly so you can have a general idea of what has been discussed with a client without needing to log into several accounts or asking your team to forward emails or send reports. Sales Reps will be able to focus on their job while you keep a careful eye over how everything goes.

With the help of AutoMagic Sync you can actually deliver what you told the prospect in the sales pitch. Working with a company that seems to be in charge of the internal processes and receiving the kind of attention you need is something rare nowadays. Technology seems to complicate matters more than it simplifies them, so clients will really appreciate working with a company that is in control of its own affairs.

The hardest part of managing a business is delivering the service or product and keeping a good relationship with your clients. After using Salesforce and AutoMagic Sync you will wonder how you ever managed without these important tools.

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