What Can You Do With Your Old iPhone?

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Old iPhone

Tech and Trends:- Whenever Apple releases a new line of products, countless individuals rush to the stores in order to upgrade their devices. The aftermath of this leaves millions of older iPhones and iDevices with seemingly little to no use. This can wind up being quite wasteful, but people need to know that they have plenty of options to deal with the situation. If you now have two iPhones in your possession from upgrading to the iPhone 6 and want to know what to do, continue reading to find out about your options.

Give It to a Friend

You probably know someone (whether it be a friend or relative) who could use a new phone. In some cases, they may have an outdated device, while in others, they may not have a phone at all. If you know someone who fits this criteria and have already purchased your new iPhone, then a great act of generosity may be something to consider. What may be considered old to you may very well be a great upgrade for somebody else. If they have a SIM only contract, for instance, then they can simply switch devices without needing to enter a contract. Even if they don’t have service, they can find an affordable plan (sometimes, for as little as £10 per month) through a carrier. Sites like SIM Only Expert compare a variety of SIM only contracts that are both affordable and accommodating. See a list of deals here.

Old iPhone

Keeping Your iPhone

Perhaps you haven’t considered it, but if you haven’t upgraded your phone yet, you may wish to consider keeping your old iPhone. It is easy to get convinced that the latest and greatest line of gadgets are must-haves, but the more recent iPhones are still powerful devices in their own right. Not only can you save more on your monthly phone bill by switching over to a SIM-only contract, but you’ll also avoid having to purchase the iPhone at full cost (or spread the cost out over years via traditional contract).

Use It As a Backup

Let’s face it: accidents happen. You never know when something can occur that will leave you without a working phone. Even if your phone is covered by insurance, it can take a week or more to get a replacement: what will you do during that time? Because of this, it may be a better idea to keep a backup phone for such emergencies. You not only could keep the phone for such a situation, but it could also be used as an offline mobile device for the kids. If you have existing mobile service, then check out here how you can also use your mobile phone to access the web without a contract attached to it.

Trade It In

You also have the choice to trade your iPhone in for cash or credit. Some carriers will offer credit toward the new iPhone 6 if you trade in a relatively recent iPhone in exchange. In addition to this, you can also find a multitude of companies out there that will pay a flat rate for your iPhone, depending on its condition. It’s quite easy to arrange pick-up and payment, but you’ll sacrifice a better overall payment for the iPhone in exchange for this convenience. For those who don’t have a lot of time to worry about selling their iPhone to a private party, this may prove to be a better solution. You can check out companies like O2 Recycling for this service by clicking here.

Sell It to a Private Party

Many people decide that they’d like to make a little more money from their iPhones, and subsequently sell them on eBid, Craigslist, eBay and other platforms. As referred to, most people decide to do this because they can obtain more money in a private party sale than selling to a recycling company. On the auction sites in particular, people will purchase any and all types of old iPhones – some as devices for themselves, and sometimes to use the parts to fix other phones. In the case of the online auctions, this offers a platform through which you can sell the phone and not have to deal with a physical meet-up to get rid of it. If you’re interested in doing so, then you’ll need an account through one of these websites, as well as a way to accept payments (PayPal is a popular solution; click here to learn more).

Whether you decide to trade your old iPhone in, sell it to a company, sell it to private party or give it to a friend, you are now at least aware of all the options you can consider. Before upgrading any device, always consider the long-term costs and be sure to shop around for both the best prices on the gadget and the best prices on service.

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