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moshi iglaze coverThe iPhone 6 is such a shiny, good-looking phone that it almost seems a shame to cover it up. On the other hand, you want to protect your device, so having a case is necessary. Luckily, Moshi iGlaze covers are as sleek and attractive as the phones they’re protecting. Two to choose from are the Moshi iGlaze and the iGlaze Armour.

What They Both Have

Both iGlaze covers protect the sides and back of your phone, yet leave enough room for you to access your ports. Although the volume and power buttons are safeguarded, you can still maneuver them by faux-buttons. They also have:

  • Moshi’s proprietary hybrid formula
  • Shock-absorbing inner shells
  • Shatter-proof outer casing made from polycarbonate
  • Raised edges to secure your device when you place it face-down
  • Circular cut-outs so you can view the Apple logo

These cases are designed to aesthetically mimic your iPhone, so you don’t have to sacrifice appearance to preserve your phone.

Standouts of the iGlaze Armour

The iGlaze Armour has a few features that make it stand out among cases. Not only is it is designed to protect your device against bumps, cracks, and dings; it handles the task with elegance. This especially handsome cover has these features:

  • Volume and power buttons that are fully-encased
  • Hybrid materials that supply scratch resistance and shock absorption
  • Appealing metal finish with a diamond-cut back plate
  • Customized flash cut-outs, so is flash-friendly.

This chic case protects your phone and adds a touch of class while it’s at it.

You probably run your whole life with your iPhone. These devices can connect you to everyone you know or want to know through emails, texts, calls, and social networking. You can access music, health-related apps, and take photos on the go, because you always have your high quality camera with you inside your phone. Without a protective case like one of these Moshi iGlaze covers, you risk breakage, cracked screens, and malfunction. Safeguarding your investment with a sleek, stylish case that aligns with the beauty of your iPhone just makes sense.

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