Top 7 Ways SMEs Can Benefit From Using Helpdesk Software

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Providing quality support and maintaining high customer satisfaction levels should be top priorities for any small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) that is looking to retain existing clientele and continue expanding without unnecessary hiccups. Whether a business is just starting to pick up momentum as a startup or is on the verge of breaking into higher corporate ranks, it’s almost always beneficial to have a user-friendly online interface that makes it easier to efficiently communicate with and assist customers. With that said, here are seven distinct advantages SMEs stand to gain by using a robust helpdesk software:

1. Facilitating Custom Solutions for Common Problems

Every business has its own unique set of problems, so it makes sense to utilize a platform that is capable of adapting as needed. Custom Q & A or FAQ pages can be designed to address any issues that support agents frequently encounter. Furthermore, helpdesk software products like SysAid can enable company owners and managers to personalize their systems, a  proprietary feature not found in any other company’s helpdesk, which helps give customers the confidence that their particular needs and concerns are being catered to.

2. Allowing Employees to Focus on Mission Critical Tasks

Usually, when a customer encounters a problem, their first reaction is to visit the company website to look for answers. Unfortunately, if they’re not met with the right info or an appropriate response from a helpdesk, many times they’ll then skip to talking to one of your employees, which of course takes them away from other essential tasks they could be completing.

Critical Tasks

3. Automating Repetitive Processes

Helpdesk software also helps you gather useful analytics and generate reports on an automated basis. So, you’ll be able to do things like compile databases, track inventory, and assess marketing trends on the administrative side.

Automating Repetitive Processes

4. Detecting and Addressing Key Operating Issues

A helpdesk software keeps track of all complaints and support interaction in a tidy interface that you can use to spot problematic patterns and develop streamlined solutions. In fact, using one of these tools is the best way to continually update a FAQ page to provide answers to the most common issues on an ongoing basis.

5. Reducing Telephone Workload

By helping customers communicate, manage their accounts, and solve problems without the help of your employees, you’ll be reducing the amount of call minutes you’ll have to accommodate each day. In addition to reducing the time your employees spend on the phone, a helpdesk software is also capable of servicing customers 24/7, 365 days a year – so work hours are no longer a concern.

 Reducing Telephone Workload

6. Increasing Employee Efficiency

Normally your employees would have to rely on direct communication and case-by-case assessments. However, with an all-inclusive helpdesk in place, they’ll be able to pull from historical data and refer to documentation that shows them how to solve problems that have already been addressed by other employees in the past.

 Increasing Employee Efficiency

7. Optimizing Response Times

Maintaining a fast average response time is paramount in keeping customers satisfied in the long-term. A helpdesk gives your site visitors the impression that they’re being helped immediately instead of leaving them hanging on hold.

The Importance of an Appealing Helpdesk Interface

Some companies make the mistake of using a simple contact form on their site or some other simplistic interface to address customer complaints and concerns.


The difference between that conventional method and actually offering a comprehensive helpdesk is that the latter sets your business apart and encourages site visitors to engage and interact with your online support avenues rather than immediately resorting to other methods of contact.

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