The Business Benefits of Using a Virtual Desktop

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Today many businesses operate remotely, either allowing their staff to work from home or on the go. These businesses often benefit from using virtual desktop services. In this article we will explain what a virtual desktop is, along with some of the business benefits of using this service.

What is a virtual desktop?

Whereas traditionally you would host your desktop on your own local server and only be able to access it from the one computer, a hosted virtual desktop is on a remote server and can be accessed through a web browser from any device that connects to the internet. The fact that employees can share a single desktop and access it from anywhere in the world is very beneficial for businesses with remote workers.

virtual services

Many providers offer additional virtual services including security and IT maintenance.

Greater flexibility

One of the main benefits of using a virtual desktop service is that it means businesses can allow their employees to operate from home, or anywhere they like, providing they have a connection to the internet. This means that businesses do not have to operate from a traditional office and instead have the opportunity to employ people from all over the world, without having to worry about travel costs.

Another benefit is that virtual desktop services are scalable. This means that users can be added or removed, depending on whether you are expanding your business or downsizing. If you take on more staff or require a larger server, instead of having to buy a new server and find somewhere to house it, you can simply get in touch with your virtual desktop provider and they will accommodate for your new requirements.

Lower costs

The fact that employees can work from home using a virtual desktop means that businesses do not have to fork out hundreds if not thousands of pounds each month on office rent. They can also save on the cost of overheads and equipment, as virtual desktops can be accessed by employees on their own computers and laptops using their encrypted IDs and passwords.

Virtual desktop services are a cost effective solution to businesses IT infrastructure issues. Many providers not only host businesses’ desktops, but also provide a wide range of services including IT support, data backup and recovery and software upgrades for an affordable package price.

security and IT maintenance

Many providers offer additional virtual services including security and IT maintenance.

Future proof your business

When you use a virtual desktop service, all of your bespoke software and applications will be hosted remotely. There will be no need for you to install them on separate computers, perform upgrades or carry out maintenance. You will simply be able to log on to your desktop, wherever you are and access the application you require.

Virtual desktop providers always make sure that their software is up to date, providing clients with upgrades at no additional cost. The benefit of this is that businesses will always be at the forefront of technology. Whereas traditionally they may not be able to afford software upgrades and may have to make do with unsupported and outdated software, by using a virtual desktop service, they can get access to the latest products and the costs will be covered in their small monthly fee.


With so many benefits it is no wonder that so many businesses are choosing to utilise virtual desktop services. Not only do they allow businesses to keep their costs to a minimum, but they also allow for greater flexibility and the chance for employees to use the latest industry software and applications at just a fraction of the price it would cost to buy them outright.

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