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Housing’s iOS app

If you are using an Apple device and are looking for a rental property, then you are in luck. has designed an app for the iOS devices which helps end users find properties on the move with considerable ease. The new app has been designed specifically for the iOS platform and it utilizes all the features of the Apple devices to help an effective property search.

Housing’s iOS app is a newly designed app which is a striking image of the parent portal. However the app has been designed to be compact and it only carries the basic functionalities like property search, agent search, ability to request a listing, ability to request a property that one is unable to find, the ability to compare and the ability manage shortlisted properties.

All these features are packed in a small sized app which is platform independent. As soon as an end user logs into it, all the information that is saved becomes independent of the device. This information is available on the cloud and one can log into any other device from any other location to access it. This enables a seamless property search.

Rental Properties using Housing app

Assume you are looking for 1BHK flats on rent in Mumbai. To initiate the search, you have to click on the app icon and proceed to the main menu. The picturesque interface paves way for the menu options which allow you to proceed with all the aforementioned activities. In this case, the option that matters to you is the second one. The second option invites you to search for rental properties. As soon as you select it, you are prompted to select your current location as the location of search.

You may choose to proceed or decline; as the case may be. In case you decline, then you have the option to type in the name of the locality that you want to search the property in. The auto fill option might prompt you to select the option that matches the spelling you type. Upon selection, the map of the locality is revealed. There are markers in the map which reveal the location of houses. However the app allows you to explore the locality and find out where all are the amenities located. Then you can zoom in on a neighbourhood which might be close to a park or a market; whatever your choice might be. On the top left hand side are all the filter options available which help in sorting the properties according to the needs of a property seeker.

Assessing Rental Properties

As soon as you tap on a property marker, the screen is filled with a photograph and the basic details of the property. You can tap the photograph to open up an album that consists of all verified photographs of the house. Or you can tap the property details and then scroll down to learn more about the house. You might be surprised to find a map of the locality in the specifications. If you are seeking rental flats in Powai, then you will be able to view the location of amenities like banks, restaurants etc. with respect to the house; which is the only house listed in the map!

In Conclusion

The innovative search features and a thoughtful design makes property selection on IOS app a cake walk.

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