How to use Twitter to promote your business

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Twitter is not just a tool to always keep in touch with our friends; it is also a valuable tool that can help you promote your business and highlight it in the field.

By creating the Twitter account, be sure to set a user name that identifies you and is easy to remember, besides providing a brief description of your business profile and image; can be a logo or a picture of the front of the company. Finally, add contact information such as address, email, phone or whatever you think appropriate.

Be sure to place a tracking link in your email signature and on your website. If you print or broadcast advertising, also includes a link or user name to get more followers.

Become a follower of the category of activity and those who are in business to contact you and automatically expose yourself to others interested in the subject. In addition, placing the tracking link will disseminate your followers has its own contacts.

Posting to promote your business on Twitter

Include posts and comments regularly to keep updated profile. Always avoid aggressive, personal or partisan comments, and excessive advertising. Discuss Day promotions, news and other, but do not abuse this resource. You can retweet comments persons or entities to whom you follow, but do it with caution, since your profile should not be a reflection of the other.

Make sure you use keywords or hashtags that you relate to the topics of interest in the area, and make appropriate posts, for example, to identify offers or news. Remember to add hashtags within the first 30 characters of your post.

Include your profile in specialized directories and include your website in directories and commercial guides. Make a link or user name to your profile on other social networks to find followers and make a virtual presence. When you receive a question or comment, do not let time pass unanswered; Twitter should be immediate and swift, and it also lets you keep your followers with good value. On the other hand, avoids conversations style cha t, because it isolates and can tire out your other followers. If you see someone threatening to do so, invite him to continue the conversation by email or phone contacting you exhibited your profile. You could boost your business profile by just buy twitter followers. Number of quality followers will create a good impact and impression on your social account.

Remember that you can add multimedia content to your comments. Add photos, videos, and coupons to print and deliver benefits to your customers. This will be an excellent resource to increase your number of followers, in addition to directly promote your business and products. The last option is to buy followers. But before buying any service you should check the leveraging social proof of the service providing company.

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