5 Easy and Effective Ways to Make Your Mac Run Faster

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Make Your Mac Run Faster

Information Technology Blog:- If you bought a Mac, you likely bought it because of Apple’s great reputations and the high quality of Mac computers. While Macs are wonderful products, like anything, they need some TLC to keep them working optimally. If your Mac is starting to get slow when you use it, you may want to try a few of these tips. Here are 5 easy and effective ways to make your Mac run faster.

Make Your Mac Run Faster

  1. Restart your computer every day. Restarting the computer allows you to clear the cache while reinitializing hardware devices and drivers. It clears away all of the junk that builds up over time and with use. When you don’t restart the computer or manually clear out these items, they begin to clog up the system, slowing it down significantly. Getting in the habit of restarting daily will help to reduce these problems, plus it’s simple to do.
  2. Clear out some space on your hard drive. Over time, we end up with tons of files, documents, pdf, articles, slideshows and more. While many are there for a reason, you also likely have lots of old, irrelevant documents that you don’t need anymore. Go through your files monthly to delete anything that is obsolete to make room for new items and to speed up your Mac. Another option, if you love saving everything digitally, is to use an external hard drive. This protects your files, documents, and music on a separate hard drive in case your computer were to crash or have an accident. It also frees up space on your computer so that it won’t get slowed down but you can still access files when you need them. Also, be sure to empty your trash regularly.
  3. Get rid of apps that launch when you start up your computer. This is more common with PCs than Macs, but it does happen with Mac computers as well. This can be annoying since lots of apps, often ones you rarely use, load onto your screen right away, slowing it down and making you wait to get to the apps or programs you actually want or need to use. To fix this you will need to access System Preferences and then select Users and Groups where you can click Login Items. Here you will be able to keep or delete apps that are programmed to open upon startup.
  4. Get RAM. If your computer is really too slow to work with and you need more space and functionality, a difficult but effective option may be to install RAM. RAM is the memory that your Mac will consistently access as you open and run different computer applications. You can purchase a chip to install into the Mac. Talk to a tech pro for more information.
  5. Finally, consider assessing your Mac’s quality and condition with a program like OnyxMac. This is an all-in-one system for maintenance and Mac optimization. This tool is available for instant download online, plus it can help you stay on top of your Mac maintenance. It offers a variety of different checks and repair tasks to ensure that keeping your Mac in good condition is simpler than ever before.

Instead of getting frustrated by a super slow Mac, do something about it! Small changes and habits can make a big difference like restarting your computer daily, emptying the trash and getting rid of auto starting apps. In addition, you may want to take more serious measures and install additional RAM or utilize a maintenance system like OnyxMac. Any and all of these changes will help you speed up your computer for easier usage.

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