Why WordPress is the Ideal Blogging Platform for Your New Blog?

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WordPress needs no introduction to the bloggers and webmasters community. More than 30% of the modern-day websites are powered by WordPress content management system – this simple statistics is enough to ascertain WordPress’ unprecedented popularity. Although hundreds of WordPress alternatives have been introduced over the years, none could pose even the slightest of threats to the sheer dominance of WordPress.

So what makes WordPress the most sought after blogging platform? Let’s have a look at the top 5 distinguishing factors that helped WordPress to clinch the numero-uno status.

  1. Open Source License

The best part of WordPress is that it does not cost you even a single penny. Licensed under the ‘Open Source’ (GPL) category, WordPress can be freely downloaded and installed on your web server with just a few clicks of your mouse.

  1. Easy Installation

WordPress installation has always been a breeze, even for a newbie blogger. Most of the web hosting service providers offer one-click auto-installers to let you install WordPress with just a single click. If your hosting platform doesn’t come with any script installing software, then you can upload WordPress to your root directory using any FTP program of your choice and run the installer manually.

  1. Pre-made Website Template/Layout

You need not have to write a single line of code to get your WordPress blog off the ground. It comes with a default website layout (theme), so that you can straightaway start blogging. Thousands of pre-created WordPress themes are available for download in the WordPress repository. In-case you are not happy with the default theme, you can easily change it by uploading another. You can also make use of WordPress plugins to add the desired functionality/feature to your website.

  1. SEO Friendly

Success of any website depends on the organic traffic that it receives from the search engines. What’s the use of starting a blog and updating it regularly with quality content, if there’s no one to appreciate your hard work? So it’s important that you give due emphasis to SEO activities.

WordPress is designed to be SEO friendly right out of the box. Moreover, you can make use of SEO plugins to further enhance the search engine presence of your WordPress blog. There are plenty of plugins available for providing you with fine-grained SEO control. It’s no secret that a search engine optimized website has the ability to build a loyal reader-base within a short period.

  1. Community Support

Being the most popular open source CMS platform, WordPress boasts of a massive user base. You can rely on this vibrant and supportive community to help you out in the event of any technical issues. You can also make use of the extensive knowledge-base maintained by the community members to improve your technical know-how.

Conclusion: If you are considering WordPress as the potential CMS platform for your upcoming blog, then you are making a sound choice indeed. WordPress is not only a feature-rich blogging platform, but it is also very easy to use. The availability of free themes and plugins add up to its eternal appeal. Rest assured, with WordPress, you can start a blog and go live in a matter of few minutes.

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