Tips to Keep Your Computer Virus Free

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Keep Computer Virus Free

Tech and Trends:- Computer plays a crucial role in maintaining the comfort of our lives to a great extend. Nowadays, anything and everything which makes our life secure and easy is being controlled by computers, and it is quite unimaginable to think even a single hour without computers. With the advent of Internet and social media sites, things have taken a new turn, and people are now spending hours and days in front of the computer screens. From the moment you turn in your PC till you turn it off, your computer is under possible threat. There are so many hackers and viruses all over the World Wide Web, and they are eagerly waiting to get a chance to assault your computer. The recent FBI cybercrimes virus scam is a clear cut epitome of this threat. If your computer gets affected with a strong virus, then it will put you in a state of risk, and your computer will behave in a weird manner beyond your imagination. Keeping your computer virus free is highly essential, and this can be done by following certain tips which are mentioned below.

Use your thinking ability: This is the first and foremost tip you should follow if you want to keep your computer protected from all kinds of virus attacks. Most of the viruses use emails and links as their medium of transport. So, if you find an email which is quite suspicious as per your conscious, then ignore it and delete without any hesitation. You should use your common sense during this time, and it will help you to stay away from possible threats. Also, you are not recommended to open any attachments from strange source. You should also stay away from links which may seem weird.

Keep Computer Virus Free

Install a reputed and reliable antivirus program: This is another tip which is most effective to protect your computer from virus attacks. You should choose a highly reputed antivirus program for your computer, and this will help you to stay away from possible threats. Your antivirus program should be updated in a regular basis, and this will help you to protect from all kinds of new viruses which will come to the battle ground on each day. After installing a good antivirus, you should scan your hard disks in a regular manner, and should do the same on all external devices which you connect in your system.

Scan all email attachments: Scanning all kind of email attachments is another tip which will help you to stay protected. Some of the dreaded viruses come from email attachments, and these viruses will be quite dangerous in all aspects. So, you should scan all emails and attachments with your antivirus software, and should think twice before downloading it.

All the tips mentioned above are highly effective, and it will help you to stay away from all kinds of virus infections. You should also be very careful in handling with strange emails and links which was quite visible in FBI cybercrimes virus scam.

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