Tips for Managing Dedicated Servers

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Dedicated ServersTech and Trends:- If you own a website that gets a lot of traffic, you are very familiar with the problem of bandwidth speeds slowing down and being inadequate for the traffic flow to the server. When your site gets enough hits that this starts to happen often, you should consider leasing your own dedicated servers. Whether you choose a fully managed hosting service, a partially managed host, or do all your own host management, choosing to have your own servers will give you the flexibility and control that you can never achieve with a shared host. By choosing your own hardware, operating system, and security protocols, your dedicated hosting service will give you much better performance and higher bandwidth to handle all your traffic and data needs.

Managing Your Dedicated Server Account

With your own servers, you will have the option from the hosting company to have your information and settings fully managed by someone else at the hosting company, or you can have an unmanaged server where you or your team do all the management yourself. Choosing which one is right for your needs depends entirely on your level of technical expertise as well as the amount of time you have to dedicate to managing your server. If you have a technical support team fully dedicated to the computer and Internet resources of your company, then choosing an unmanaged server may be perfect for your needs. However, if you are running a smaller business and you are the tech support person, but you are having trouble just comprehending what dedicated servers are, much less how to manage them, you should probably go with a fully managed hosting service.

Managing Dedicated Servers

Better Speed and Security

Bandwidth levels and ability to upload and download large amounts of data are extremely important for high traffic websites. If you are sharing servers with other websites and companies, you will be at the mercy of the traffic coming to the entire group of servers, rather than knowing exactly how much you have available. This is especially important if you have a large promotion or a new launch that attracts large amounts of visitors. When a site receives more visitors than it can handle, it will be likely to crash. However, adding a few more servers can help to fix this problem by making sure you have enough speed and bandwidth for transferring all that data. You will also benefit from the higher security available with a dedicated server account, because it is set up specifically for large websites that have a lot of important data and customers. This is particularly useful if you are storing sensitive data such as credit card numbers, phone and address information, or account numbers and passwords. The more security layers you have, the better you and your customers will be protected.

Choosing a Server Hosting Company

Once you have determined that you need a server or servers dedicated principally to your website, it is time to choose your host. Look for someone who has partnered with the top server manufacturers in the world. The better the equipment used by your host, the more secure your information will be that is stored in their data centers. By choosing a host who has partnered with the best manufacturers, you will be more likely to get better deals on your hosting rates since they will have worked out bulk discounts with the hardware providers. Once you find your ideal host, you will be ready to enjoy the many benefits of having your own dedicated servers.

Another important aspect of dedicated server management is network security. By all means, you should not neglect the security of your network. A security breach can cause some serious, and at times irreparable, damage to your data. For example, if you’re responsible for the servers used by a business, you may also be responsible for a malicious theft of classified information. Both large and small businesses absolutely need to rely on data servers, and they both need network security or else they may risk losing a good deal of money Managing Your Dedicated Server Account.

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