Squeeze Page Tips for Better Conversions

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Use a compelling Headline

Squeeze PageTech and Trends:- A regular, boring old headline will cause potential subscribers to disregard the rest of your squeeze page. Your product can be the latest, greatest thing, but if your headline doesn’t grab their attention, you’ve already lost them. Be detailed in how potential subscribers can benefit, but also add a touch of mystery to get readers to look at the rest of your page.

Quick Tip: Try avoiding bright, red headlines as they come off as obnoxious and loud.

List your benefits

Use bullet points to list how your subscribers will benefit from your product. Listing about 5 benefits should be sufficient. DO NOT use them to list out the features of your product. Why? Because people don’t care. They want to know what it can do for them. What will they get? What problem will it solve?

Quick Tip: You can skip the bullet point list if you’re looking for a cleaner look. As long as your product title tells people what they’re getting, the list of benefits isn’t really needed.

Use a Simple Opt-in Form

Having subscribers enter their email address should be enough. If anything, you can ask for their first name, but people rarely use their real names when signing up to these lists. No need for anything else like personal confessions or deep desires. Extra information ends up being additional blockades to getting the conversion.

Quick Tip: The “name” field is optional and not really necessary. The email address is the only piece of information that’s required from your subscribers. The fewer steps it takes to opt-in, the better.

Add a Specific Call to Action

Your call to action should motivate your potential subscriber. Adding a simple “Submit” button is boring and makes it feel like they have to give you something instead of you giving them something. Get them excited and you’ll find that people will be much more willing to enter their information.

Give a Sense of Urgency

Make people feel like they need to act now or they’ll miss out on an opportunity. Add a time sensitive element such as a limited time of availability or only give away a limited number of your product.

Add an Image of Your Product

This makes your product more attractive and more “real”.

Add video

Video is more engaging and more appealing than text and graphics, but keep it short and concise. You want to welcome your visitors, show them how they can get your product, and maybe outline some benefits not narrate your life story.

Make it easy for your readers

Guide your visitors using arrows and graphics. Show them where to enter their information. You want to make this whole process as easy and painless as possible.

Disclaimers and privacy policies

The main benefit for including a disclaimer and a privacy policy is to protect you from lawsuits and any legal ramifications. Your visitors will also feel more comfortable signing up and see you as more trustworthy.

Quick Tip: Although there are benefits for adding these two legal components, it is not necessary to add them to your squeeze page. Keep in mind that if you add these limits to your list, you will not be able to legally do any “adswaps” (more on adswaps later) because you’ve promised not to share their information.

No unnecessary background colors or graphics. This goes back to the clean and simple ideology.

No hype

You want to assume that your visitors are already interested in your offer and that they want your product. The squeeze page just gives them instructions on how to get your product.


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