Are Teens Who Play Video Games Less Likely to Abuse Drugs?

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Video games have gotten a bad reputation throughout the years. They are accused of creating violent behavior in children and causing childhood obesity. For years, experts have been saying how bad they are for kids. However, recent studies have shown something very interesting. There is a likely link between video games and drug use, but it isn’t what you think. Kids who play video games are actually less likely to do drugs than their non-video game playing counterparts.


While the main finding of studies is that video games can actually have a positive effect, there are always exceptions to the rule. Studies have also shown that some gamers get addicted to gaming. This can lead to other addictions more easily. However, the good news here is that this is a very small percentage of gamers.

Even though studies are now showing a positive link between drugs and gaming, there is a downside. It seems that while gaming is a good thing for most boys, the same can’t be said for girls. It isn’t clear why this is true, but girls tend to get more negatives from gaming.

The basic conclusion of studies has been that gaming is healthy for boys and can help them to avoid negative behaviors. For girls, though, gaming may be harmful and lead to bad behaviors, specifically fighting. However, it has been suggested that girl gamers may just be naturally more aggressive, which could be the reason for the study results.  In addition, serious issues, like drug abuse, seem to only be connected to those with a gaming addiction. Addiction is more likely in boys, so girls have a leg up in that regards.

What This Means

These new observations may change the way experts look at gaming. Video games have been so scrutinized and portrayed as being negative for so long that it is likely to be difficult to change that perception overnight. However, it is difficult to ignore that the benefits are pretty amazing.

There is a huge drug fight in the country right now. This is especially true when it comes to heroin use and prescription drug use. Alcohol has always been a concern for people of all ages. Drug and alcohol treatment centers are bursting with new patients fighting terrible addictions. Nobody wants to see their child end up in a situation like that.

It’s interesting to think that the video game habit a child has may just be a way to save him or her from a getting exposed to and using drugs. With so many parents thinking that gaming is bad, though, children may be pushed away from it out of fear that they will develop bad behaviors, as used to be suggested.

The bottom line when it comes to teens playing video games is that it may just be a good thing. In fact, playing games on a regular basis could stop kids from using drugs. I don’t think any parent would rather have his or her child use drugs than play video games. In the end, as long as it is done in moderation, gaming may actually be quite beneficial.

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