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SEO always begins with proper keyword selection – which means you will build a webpage, or simply an article ALL revolving around a keyword (or phrase). Keyword research is the core to SEO.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I emphasize keyword research. This is because without good keyword research, you will never find any success with SEO. This is not me being dramatic. Many marketers confuse keyword research as meaning “finding buyer keywords.”

This is NOT true. Good keyword research is finding UNCOMPETITIVE keywords. Sometimes they will be buyer-oriented terms and other times they will not. The point is, non-buyer keywords can be just as profitable as buyer keywords if they have a large enough search volume. The first step is to find 3 uncompetitive keywords that all fall into the same niche or category.

The 3 keywords combined should have a minimum of 5,000 monthly searches per month. (Use Google’s Keyword Planner to find search volume for a keyword). So what I mean by a combined 5,000 monthly search is:

Keyword 1 + Keyword 2 + Keyword 3 = 5,000+ searches

Some combinations could include:

Keyword 1: 2,000 monthly searches

Keyword 2: 2,000 monthly searches

Keyword 3: 2,000 monthly searches


Keyword 1: 4,000 monthly searches

Keyword 2: 700 monthly searches

Keyword 3: 400 monthly searches

It doesn’t matter as long as all 3 keywords are uncompetitive keywords that add up to a minimum of 5,000 searches. To provide an example throughout this ebook, I’ve decided upon a random niche in which I will demonstrate finding 3 uncompetitive keywords.

To get started, I typed in “hunting trips” into the Google Keyword Planner and sorted by search volume. (How I decided upon this niche is completely irrelevant… but if you’re interested, I was watching an episode of “Parks and Recreation” on TV and the episode I was watching was titled “Hunting Trips” so I thought that would be an interesting niche to explore.)


Disclaimer: This is just an example niche. I don’t actually know anything about hunting or have never been hunting. While it’s much EASIER to enter a niche you are familiar with, it is not a necessity.

After plugging in “hunting trips” into the Google Keyword Planner, sort your keyword list by “Keyword Ideas.” After doing so, I then took every 3-word-phrase keyword on the list with over 1,000 searches.

Listed below are the results:

Keyword Search Volume

Deer hunting games 18100

Free hunting games 8100

Deer hunting videos 5400

White tail deer 4400

Deer and deer hunting 3600

Hunting games online 3600

Deer hunting tips 2900

Free deer hunting games 2900

Online hunting games 1900

Duck hunting games 1900

Wild boar hunting 1900

These keyword have fantastic search volume, but unless the top 10 results for each of these keywords are uncompetitive, they are useless. Use Long Tail Pro in order to determine competition level. (Should be more than enough time to get started with your first site). In Long Tail Pro, use the “competitor analysis” tab to start typing in your keywords.

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