Is SEO Any Significant for Business Growth?

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A common misconception by most business owners is that a website should just be a number of web pages that provide the business contacts with a brief description of the products and services the business offers. Many do not appreciate the power of a website as a tool to improve their business and increase sales. A majority are not even aware that there are many SEO tools out there that can help convert their websites into independent money-minting machines besides their offline business premises.

Truth be told though, a website should not be just a place for people to reach you. It should be a complete business premises on its own with its own sales and marketing ‘team’, follow up and customer relations ‘team’, a ‘cashier’ and even ‘security officers’!

You notice that I use quotes for the above staff for your website. This is because they are not real people. A great business website should comprise of a number of aspects and features that make it a completely automated shop. It should have content that pre-sells and converts your web visitors, hence the sales and marketing team, an automated email system that keeps your website visitors updated on new and special offers on your shop as well as any new developments and updates, hence the follow up and customer relations team, a payment system where your customers can even order your services directly from your site, and an enhanced security protocol so that your site visitors can rest assured of their safety while using your site.


All these can be achieved with the help of an expert driven SEO process, which begins with the use of advanced technology SEO tools. These tools diagnose faults in your website optimization structure and point out to you what needs to be done. Using the recommendations given by such tools, you can then go ahead and rectify the SEO errors yourself, or hire a professional SEO expert to help.

Basically, such tools will identify faults in your website structure, your content and its arrangement on your site, and the way you link to other sites. An improvement on all these areas will lead to a website that can be viewed as being authoritative, educative, easy to use and well positioned within your niche market. This will, in turn, lead to better positioning in the search engine results pages for your target search terms because the search engines will reward you for being helpful to your audience. That is exactly what you need.

As it is obvious now, good rankings lead to more exposure of your website, and by extension, your business. This means more prospects seeing your offer, and hence more buyers. Now we are talking business!

So, go ahead and employ the use of the best SEO tools out there to help improve your website. This is a guaranteed way of improving your business with search engine optimization (SEO).

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Michael Bentos is a renowned search engine optimization expert owing to his swift use of advanced out-of-this-world SEO tools to detect faults on websites and improve them. He also writes on latest SEO trends.

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