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The storage space for you data seems abundant while your iPhone is still brand new, but depending on how much you use your device, all of that capacity can be gobbled up before you know it. According to GoWireless, you can get the most out of your iPhone by managing your data and keeping your storage space clear.

Assess the Situation

You can find out how much space is being used on your iPhone by looking at the apps you have installed. From the general menu, go to the usage screen and then select “manage store.” A list of your installed apps will appear. Each will indicate the amount of space they are consuming. This number represents the size of the program itself and files associated with it. An app can be small, but due to the use of multiple files, it can end up taking up a lot of space.

Clear Out the Old

iphone-6Erase apps you aren’t using. You should get rid of games that you no longer play and programs that duplicate other functions. You may have tried out a few variations of similar tools. Now that you’ve settled on the one you like the best, just erase the ones you don’t need.

Old messages and podcasts are another source of wasted space. Delete the ones you don’t need to free up some space. If there is something you want to review later, you can always just download it again.

Store and Access Important Files Online

iphone-6-plus-landscape-modeMove photos and videos to another storage location. Online file sharing sites like Dropbox and Google Drive offer you convenient access to your favorite images whenever you want them without eating up the limited space on your phone. You can create these accounts for free, and the space for many types of files is unlimited. Avoid keeping music on your iPhone as well. Save your favorite songs, but stream most of your music to avoid cluttering your drive with unnecessary audio files.

Change Your Settings

iphone-6-review-apple-sets-new-standard-smartphonesCut down on your data managing chores by changing the settings on your iPhone. You can set your iPhone to automatically erase old text, voicemails, and emails periodically. You may wish to save important information, but the vast majority of your message should be discarded.

You can also adjust the settings in your camera to avoid creating files that are too large. Make sure you have your phone set to automatically delete duplicates and that you know what size the image files are that you create.

Be aware of your data accumulation, and take back control of your iPhone’s storage space. Manage your data effectively, and make sure you have your iPhone is ready when you need it to be.

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