Photography: Voyeurism And Exhibitionism

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Tech and Trends:- Photography is the science of deconstructing the objective reality and reconstructing it according to the personal subjective vision. The act of photographing, when we are not talking about landscapes and buildings, involves two approaches: voyeurism and exhibitionism. A photographer is always a voyeur in search of the next thrill and the subject of photography is always an exhibitionist inviting the voyeur into their world. It is both a matter of what one wants to exhibit and how the other sees it.

The art of photography is a rather sensible one and the field itself is very vast.  If one is passionate about photography, one needs to learn the basics before he or she can proceed. There are lots of professionals wanting to share their knowledge through photography courses. Of course, the best courses will cost a bit, but through a photography course you can learn the basics of this sublime art and benefit from the experience of skilled professionals for a really good price.

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Once, at a photography seminar, a teacher asked the students what the most common mistake was when it came to driving. Everybody took a guess and most of them said that not paying attention to the other participants in traffic was that mistake. Some of them mentioned the lack of patience, but none guessed the right answer. The answer was the wrong framing. Then, the teacher explained that, in photography, the wrong framing was also the most common mistake.  The process of photographing consists, mainly, of two significant stages: the stationary point and the framing. Of course, in the art of photography are involved many aspects such as talent, instinct, vision. The technique is one of them but, without learning the technique, all those aspects will be wasted in vain.

It is not enough for a person who is passionate about photography to have talent, vision and instinct. Without photography courses, one will, most certainly, simply waste all these inner skills because he or she will not possess the knowledge of channelling these skills into artful products. Photography courses are not only about technique, they are a great way to exchange ideas and vision, of enlarging one’s universe and benefiting from other perspectives. And if you know someone with a real inclination for photography, gifting a photography voucher for a professional course can be a very valuable and appreciated gift.

A writer, a painter, a singer, an actor, even if they are loaded with talent, can’t exploit their full potential unless they learn the basics. Why should the art of photography differ? Coming back to the start of this article, a voyeur needs to know how he or she can approach the subject so that they get invited into the miraculous world of an individual. And, more important, once they get there, wouldn’t it be a pity if the outcome wasn’t as spectacular as the image preserved in the photographer’s memory? Wouldn’t it be a pity if Alice went to Wonderland and stepped on the magical mushrooms? Photography courses are the answer for every individual passionate about photography who really wants to exploit both his or her potential and the potential of the surrounding world.

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