Why Information Security Shouldn’t Overshadow Physical Security for Your Small Business

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We are still fairly early into 2015, and while many predictions have been made many predictions have been made about the trends that will shape what small businesses on the cutting edge will do this year, it is too early to say whether these were accurate. Reading any expert predictions and recommendations for the year, it is clear that information security is a major concern that a lot of business owners will be doing something to strengthen in 2015. However, while information security is a vital part of your business’ operating model, when it comes to investing in things that keep your business and assets secure, IT security and data security shouldn’t necessarily overshadow more ‘conventional’ aspects like the physical security of protecting your assets.

Technology advances all the time in the field of business protection, and while more focus may be given to information security as this is a faster moving target, there are actually many innovations that can help you improve physical security in 2015 too.

Here are a couple of things you may want to consider in your plans for tightening your complete business security this year:

Smart Locks

A new generation of high security padlocks with advanced technology are now on the market, and they offer a wealth of benefits when it comes to stock and cargo security. These generally contain things like GPS technology and tamper indicators, and can communicate with devices like phones, computers and tablets to let you know in real time if your lock is interfered with or an item with a lock on it is moved. These can be used to track shipments or to ensure greater security in your warehouse or factory, or your retail premises. They are highly configurable and reusable, and a very good investment if your business needs to protect and track assets.


Better CCTV

If you already have CCTV on your premises but the system is old, 2015 may be a good year to revamp your security system and take advantage of the advances in cameras and security footage. Using more modern systems you can have things like night vision, wireless cameras that can be moved around easily, and all kinds of ways to record and manipulate the footage that the cameras pick up. There is no need to rely on grainy recordings on tape or large, clunky cameras (though large, visible cameras in some locations are useful as a deterrent so you may want to choose bigger models of high tech camera for things like entry points or outside locations), and you can also integrate your CCTV with an alarm system, or set it to stream footage online so you can see what is happening on your business premises remotely.

If security is a concern for you and you want to invest in better business protection in 2015, consider some of these ideas for improving physical security, and don’t put all of your focus on the potential for digital security threats.

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