Which USB Hard Drive Is Best For You?

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In order to store data, a typical USB hard drive cannot be enough to fulfil all your needs and requirements.When the data exceeds your requirements, then in order to save hundreds of Gigabytes of data or to make a backup of your important data, you need an external hard drive. There are hundreds of hard drives that are available in the market but you must get the one which fits perfectly to your needs. One major factor that affects the performance of a hard drive is the speed by which it transfers data since hard drives are mostly used to store and exchange large amounts of data. This means that the transfer should be done as early as possible.Let’s talk about some of the things to consider before buying the USB flash drive. You are going to learn about a very important technology news and information in the article mentioned below

Transfer Speeds:

The speeds of data transfer should be calculated in GBs per second. This can be a really important deciding factor when you go to purchase an external USB flash drive to store your data. Therefore it is very much advised to avoid the drive models that have USB 2.0 connections because they have gone old and are now considered as very slow connecting sockets. The new and improved USB 3.0 is three times faster than its predecessor 2.0.

Storage Size:

The other factors that result in changes in the data transfer rate are eSATA, Thunderbolt and FireWire. Another important factor that one should considered before getting any hard drive for you is the size of storage. Some of the portable hard drives offer the data of 3GB. The most ideal storage size of a hard drive is 1TB. This is the perfect choice for most of the average users.There are still 500GB models of USB hard drives available but their price/GB ratio is the lowest. So it is advised to get 1TB version or higher than that. As a business man there are still more things that you should consider for example the encryption and password protection. This is very necessary because external hard drives contain a lot of important stuff and are also portable and can be stolen.

Other than the encryption protection, your hard drive should also have an extrasoftware that is capable to manage things such as periodic and automated backups. This is necessary if you want to use your hard drive to make a backup of your date.


The last thing you must check in a hard drive is its warranty of your USB hard drive. Most of the manufacturers provide at least one year warranty because there is a possibility of malfunction in a hard drive.


Although it is not necessary but some people also consider the design and color of a hard drive to make it look cool.

These are some of the things you should consider before getting the USB hard drive for you.

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