What is Responsive Website Design?

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What is Responsive Website Design

Tech and Trends:- What exactly is a responsive website? You may have heard of it before, but the chances are you do not really know what it means. To somebody that does not have a clue, it may sound like a responsive website is a forum (i.e. a place where you receive responses) or a Q & A site like Yahoo Answers. However, the reality is far from that. In short, a responsive website is a single site that has been coded to fit any screen that it is being viewed on.

Now, it’s important that you do not get responsive website design mixed up with a mobile application. Some larger sites have apps that mirror the normal site (as closely as possible), eBay is the perfect example. However, this is not responsive design.

Did you know experts are predicting that 2014 will be the year that Smartphones and tablets are used for more searches on Google than personal computers? That is a huge fact, and it is something e-commerce stores are starting to notice.

 What is Responsive Website Design

Why is not having responsive design an issue?

Many of those buying on a phone or tablet are making impulse buys, which often means they want to purchase what they need quickly. A non-responsive website is always tough to navigate on a smaller screen and can sometimes be slow if there are large images. Therefore, if your site is not responsive and your competitor’s website is who do you think a prospective buyer is going to use?

Most website design and development companies recommend you choose responsive website design. The fact is that this type of design is not expensive when you take into account the potential benefits, and with that in mind make sure you take the time to put in the research to find out how much responsive website design can benefit your company.

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