What are the best open source solutions for eCommerce?

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Launch an e-commerce is not easy, but there are platforms that can make your life much easier. If they are there, why not use them! But if you have not managed to find the way to create the perfect platform, but we can approach. There is a huge range of platforms to choose from, so you are likely to get find an application of E-commerce (Open Source) that suits your project.

Let’s do a review of the most representative and, above all, some which are used even by brand of enormous importance, value and success as well…

Additionally, big brands make use of these platforms so far…

  • PrestaShop: This is the solution of eCommerce most popular open source market, while being one of the last to arrive. Ideal for small businesses and midsize tool, but may be limited to major shops. It has a large developer community will allow you to access hundreds of features. Fast (in 10 minutes you will have your store list), intuitive and easy to use despite being a very complete tool.
  • Magento: It is favorite for large trades thanks to its flexibility and scalability to suit businesses of all sizes. A comprehensive tool for creating multi-stores completely customize the site and has more than 5,000 extensions MagentoConnect and magento templates as well. In contrast, it is difficult to install and operate by people with little knowledge of technology. To use it you will have to rely on professionals. Moreover, as a heavy tool you can force you to resort to expensive hosting services.
  • OsCommerce: Another favorite among open source solutions, although it has been somewhat behind compared to previous two design constraints presented. However, it is fair to say that its advantages include the ability to integrate multiple languages ​​and manage shipments by zones, sections of weight, etc. Against that despite the simplicity of initial installation requires adding many modules to create the store, which complicates the process of implementation.
  • OpenCart: This is probably the platform that has the most refined appearance. Allows making unlimited categories, sell countless products, accept multiple currencies, it is multilingual and allows you to choose from 20 payment methods, opencart templates and shipping as well. Its operation is very simple and popular among search engines.
  • Shopify: A good tool for eCommerce under the formula of SaaS, with free and premium versions, comprehensive management of your orders. Also, it provides you with technical support that will help you solve any problems that may arise. It has an app store with over 60 applications to be adding new features as you grow your business.

One of the great advantages of this platform is that the payments made by customers are sent directly to the bank account, using the best and latest technologies in security so far.

Open Source, the great solution

Make use of open-source platform that can be modified and adapted to the needs of each company, and the best, for free, has made ​​the quality of Open Source has increased and above all it has become one of the tools Success in the online universe.

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