What are Mobile Payments? 5 Different Types of Mobile Payments

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Ever cared about the papers being wasted on printing currencies? Whatever your answer is but here we have the solution. Credit card. No, want simpler? Here you go, the Mobile Payment. Yes, now it’s possible to pay instantly from your mobile at any place you shop and also get instantly paid from someone. No need to carry wallet or credit card, this makes it easier and safer.

With increasing complexities and stress we almost don’t care about little but important things & one of them is wallet/Purse. So to decrease a bit of your complexities I am here to tell you the perfect substitute to it that is technique of receiving and paying through your new gadget cum companion mobile phone. Here are 5 main methods to pay/receive payments through mobile.


Being pioneer to all the major Mobile Payment Services basically this method becomes the most used technique of all. It uses the “tap & go” OR near Communication Field (NFC) built-in chip of your phone (Most phones of today’s generation have NFC chip) to make the payment. Another way is via Premium SMS or MMS (where a payment request is sent by the customer via SMS and the amount is charged and paid directly with the phone bill). Following are few most preferred online Wallets.

  • Google wallet
  • PayPal
  • ISIS Network

 (You just have to download the app of respective wallet and by using WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) you will be enabled to pay with your respective account)


Now you can also receive payments through mobile in your shop through your smart phone/Tablet by processing a credit card. It’s not necessary that only a Credit Card reader is needed to read its number, the eye of your smart phone i.e. its camera could also scan it and process the payment through EMV merchant processing Cincinnati. Following are few trusted apps to receive payments through mobile via EMV merchant processing Cincinnati.


  • Flint Mobile – This enables you to scan the credit card instead of swiping it. It helps you maintain Quick Account Books, Manage coupons & in addition sends invoice for online bill payment. (Free to download but charges 1.95% on Debit cards and 2.95% on Credit card Payment)
  • Square – This app links with your bank account and charges 2.75% a transaction.

(This enables safety to the merchant and frees them from heavy work of preparing Bills)


Remember those days without credit cards when you wanted to a ringtone on your phone and you downloaded and paid for it directly through paying your carrier bill. Similar to the Premium SMS/MMS this method allows users to buy digital goods from App Store, Play store. It’s for people with no Credit cards or for teenagers whom Banks doesn’t sanction one.


This method includes a personal wallet app of a specific merchant which allows you to use the wallet against the very same merchant (You can refill the wallet through Bank account). For example, Starbucks created its own app (mobile wallet) and the results say that they received 11% of payments from their app. This would encourage other merchants to make their personal payment apps.


Various apps and websites enable you to use your mobile as your wallet; few of them are PayPal, ZMAZZ, Venmo. The method of scanning QC mark through camera for verification before making checkout is also preferred to make payments. The newly launched Apple Pay looks promising and safe. These methods are cutting down the risks that a bearer note had.

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