Top Tips for Securing your PDF Documents

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Secure your PDF Documents

Tech and Trends:- Piracy is serious issue for those who utilise the internet. If you are publishing a plethora of documents online then your document security may be at risk. The importance of computer security cannot be stressed enough. No doubt you have been told why computer security is imperative, and why you should seek to protect your computer from a plethora of viruses, malware and other malicious bugs. While the importance of computer security is stressed, few people stress the importance of securing PDF files and documents.

Many people may protect their documents, and PDF files, with a password. While many may see this as a secure way of securing their intellectual property, sadly a password alone is not enough. If you are serious about combating internet piracy, then it is imperative that you seek the services of a more robust piece of software that fully ensures that your security is not compromised.

Secure your PDF Documents

Ensuring that your documents are secure is critical. Many people believe that by formatting a document into a PDF file, you are automatically secured from any prospective piracy, or copy write issues. To a certain degree, this is true. PDF documents are seemingly impossible to copy text or images from. However, PDF documents are not created equally. Simply because you have created a PDF file, does not mean that your intellectual property is secure. In order to protect yourself from document misuse, or unauthorised distribution, you need to purchase software that secures your documents in the appropriate manner.

If you still believe that by formatting your documents to a PDF file means that they are secure from threats, then sadly, you are mistaken. A simple Google search will bring back an overabundance of results detailing how to unlock PDF files, complete with step by step instructions. It is a sobering thought.

PDF Security Software

If you do not want your important data to be shared freely, without your authorisation, then it is critical that you research the benefits of PDF security software. PDF security software such as LockLizard PDF Security can ensure that your documents are not subject to misuse, unauthorised sharing, modification and screenshots. You should endeavour to protect your intellectual property at all costs. Passwords are not effective barriers to ensure your safety against cyber criminals, as they can easily be decoded.

Encryption Can Be Broken

Encryption is important to ensure that your material cannot be distributed in an unauthorised manner. Irrespective of whether you encrypt your information, hackers can easily decode the encryption or simple copy the text into a word document. While this may seem a little ‘out there’ to most people, for the most determined of copiers this is not an implausible solution to obtaining information.

As previously mentioned, a simple internet search engine search will retrieve a glut of results on how to decode information. What is more frightening is that there are many services availableonline, which seek to remove PDF encryption. While it all seems suitable terrifying, do be rest assured that by encrypting your data, you are sure to deter the most hardened of cyber criminals. The process of decrypting data is incredibly complex and time consuming. For some criminals, it is simple to arduous a task to complete.

Prevention is Better than Cure

In the digital marketplace, an increasing number of people on seem to protect their documents in the aftermath of their PDFs and documents being compromised. Of course, by this point it is too late. You should always endeavour to protect your PDFs and documents in order to avoid the pitfalls of criminals stealing your sensitive information. As the adage states, prevention is better than cure. You need to be proactive, not reactive, in your endeavours to protecting your documents. While it may seem akin to scaremongering, imagine the ramifications of nor protecting your documents with the appropriate software. Ensuring that your PDF files are fully secure is imperative. You are retaining your intellectual property and ensuring that your property is entirely yours. After all, who wants to give away information, for free?

Sadly, document security tends to be an afterthought for most people. Do not become another statistic; ensure that you seek the expert advice of document security experts. Make your security your top priority today.

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