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Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Tech and Trends:- So you are now a proud owner of a Samsung galaxy Note III and wondering what applications that you might download in your newly acquired prized possession? We present a list of top applications that will offer you a packaged deal of entertainment, gaming, and infotainment.

Samsung Galaxy Note III is the latest in the category of Android enabled smartphones from Samsung. It comes loaded with features and a memory space of 3 GB. The device is packaged with unique applications and also is incredible with third-party apps.

It is a flagship product and so far the best in the lot. It has TouchWiz user interface for its S Pen stylus that makes working and playing with it really great experience. If you have plans to enjoy it to the fullest there are over 700,000 apps available in Google Play Store compatible to the device.

Before we begin with listing the top applications for Samsung Galaxy Note III UK I think it is right to put a disclaimer that this list only consists what we believed are great. Google Play Store is a continuously expanding library of applications and attractive new apps are coming up daily. There can also be applications related to your industry or work which you’ll not find in this list. It is a general approach towards the problem as we try to help you find applications that will let you enjoy the unique features of the device more.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 apps

Magisto Video Editor

Magisto Video Editor comprises a series of amazing video editing tool that makes editing automatic and fun. It will:

  • Use intelligence is identifying important people in your video to add their shots across several clips
  • Has a stabiliser that corrects wobbly camera shots
  • Edit videos in most professional manner by automatically choosing the best shots
  • Use colour filter and sound tracks
  • Allow direct posting to YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms
  • ‘Photo movies’ will use photos (as little as five) to create a movie out of it


It is a miracle application that allows users to access their android devices, including Note III, remotely from desktop or laptop.

  • One can turn on and off applications on Note III using it from their desktop
  • Send and receive text messages without switching between screens or devices
  • It further allows one to lock their devices remotely when stolen and also erases data

Real Racing 3

One of the greatest advantages offered by wide screen Samsung Galaxy Note III is better control and high resolution that are imperative to enjoy a game like Real Racing 3. The game has used great graphics that makes it highly enjoyable. With 3GB RAM and Quad-Core processor, Note III makes the game most enthralling.

SIGNificant Signature Capture

It’s an application for busy executives. The app captures additional biometric data to confirm that the signature actually belongs to you. Using this app one can sign documents and even use it to fill in PDF and forms.


Combine audio clips with written notes, label those and share all from the Note III using S-PEN Voice PRO smart application. This app is especially useful to students in taking notes during class lectures. They can scribble using the S-pen stylus while recording the lecture with Note 3 microphone.


It’s a free note taking app. Note taken using the S-pen can be uploaded directly to Evernote account. The default 60 MB space is increased monthly for Note users to allow them to store more information. User can organize their files and notes in Evernote and share those across devices.


As you type the app will prompt you with words to make typing easy and faster. It learns from the pattern of your text messages and emails to understand how words work for you and usage the data when you type next time.

Pixlr Express

An application used for creative editing of photos and images. User can customize, add effects, edit, and add stickers to photos, and more, using the app.

Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop

With this app user can remotely access his desktops and laptops directly from Note III and fetch important files, presentations, PDF, Excel and Outlook files from their computers to their Galaxy Note phone.


For the movie buffs, Netflix allows Android users to stream movies directly using their application. The wide screen of Note III makes watching movies an interesting experience.

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