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Planning to make a career in web development? That’s definitely a good choice. But, how do you get started? Well, it is easy to find a web development tutorial online, but finding a good one might require you to go through a good amount of hassle.

To make things simple, we have come up with a list of top 5 websites that let you learn web development with ease. All of these websites are mobile-optimized and therefore can be accessed even while you are on the go. However, for some reason if you run out of data, look out for coupons that offer a cashback on recharge. You are sure to save a fortune.

Now, let’s jump right in.

Imagine you are at a stage where you know nothing about web development, but intend to make it a part of your life. The New Boston can give you the right start. Started by a guy named Bucky Roberts, the website offers free video tutorials on various topics such as web development, graphic design, computer networking and game development to name a few.

Interestingly, all of these videos are free. More new videos are continuously being added, thereby offering you a much broader scope to learn new web development techniques.

How about learning while you do it? Yes, that’s what codecademy is all about. Right from basic HTML to building a fully-functional website, codecademy helps you learn it all. The built-in code-editor makes things quite simple.

All you need to do is simply write the lines of code according to the instructions given on the left-hand-side panel. Once done with a lesson, click on the ‘save and submit code’ button. If all is fine, you move on to the next lesson.

Knowing HTML and CSS will help you build stunning static websites. But, you got to add a bit of interactivity to make them look appealing. Of course, CSS3 can offer a good amount of flexibility when it comes to building interactive websites, but if you wish to cross the fence, you need to learn Javascript.

Built by Code School, is a community website focused towards teaching Javascript to the masses. Like Codecademy, this one too has an in-built editor with step by step guidelines on how to code.

Unlike the ones listed above, is a premium website. But, let that not be the reason for you to face the other side. The website offers high-quality video courses on topics ranging from web design to building complex web-apps.

You can choose between a basic and a premium membership based on your personal requirement. The prices are highly reasonable and the quality of teaching is highly impressive.


Like, Treehouse too offers a bunch of highly-interactive video courses. You can opt for a basic plan or a pro plan. The basic plan offers you access to all the videos supplemented with live code challenges. In case you choose a pro plan, you get to join a members-only forum, enjoy exclusive bonus content and indulge in conversations with industry leaders.

Tuts Plus

Finally, we have Tuts Plus on the list. And what do we have on our plate? Well, almost everything from WordPress development to mastering ASP.NET. Spend a few minutes browsing though the ‘Courses’ section and you are sure to find a topic that rightly meets your interest.

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