Tips to Finding Untapped Keywords

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Finding Untapped Keywords

Tech and Trends:- Tools will not bring back results unless you specifically search for them. Because of this, it helps if you have some understanding of the niche you want to enter. This way, you already have an insider’s mindset.

For instance, if you know nothing about basketball, you may not have known to input “nba” or “Michael Jordan” into the GKP.

If you still want to operate in a niche you know nothing about, I will include a tip at the end to bypass this as well.

Finding Untapped Keywords

Step 1: Brainstorm

Go to the Google Keyword Planner and select “Search for keyword and ad group ideas.”

Google Keyword Planner

Next, input a very broad seed niche and click “Get Ideas.”

Get Ideas

Then select “Keyword Ideas” and not “Ad group ideas.”

Keyword Ad group ideas

The more closely related to your own passions, interests, personal experiences, and/or problems… the more beneficial. When plugging these “seed niches” into the GKP, make sure to have your settings set to “exact” match and not “broad” match.

seed niches

Exact Match Keyword

Previous Example

Step 1: Brainstorm: basketball

Step 2: Expansion

Looking over the results that the GKP spits back, determine a popular and closely related search that does not show up.

Try to think of things in the niche that are missing and the GKP wouldn’t know to bring back.

Then type that search back into the GKP.

Some examples of things GKP would not bring back:

1)      Foreign Words

a)      ex: yoga, kung fu, salsa workout

2)      Slang / Niche Language

a)      Ex: abs, quads, reps, curls

3)      Niche Celebrities

a)      Ex: Michael Jordan, Seth Godin, Paula Deen

4)      Product Names

a)      Ex: p90x workout, insanity workout

5)      Overcomplicated words

a)      Tachycardia, fibro adenoma

Previous Example

  • Step 1: Brainstorm: basketball
  • Step 2: Expansion: nba

Step 3: Digging

Continue to repeat Step 2 from your new results or take one of the results provided and plug it back into the GKP.

Ideally, we’d like to find a keyword that has a minimum of 3 words in the phrase and has over 1,000 exact local searches per month.

The goal of the digging process is to dive deeper and deeper into the “rabbit hole” where no other marketer has a chance of discovering.

This is a method to ensure that your end keyword will be completely untapped.

Sometimes you may need to repeat the digging process more than one time.

You can repeat Step 3 until you find a keyword you feel is unlikely to be discovered by other marketers.

Previous Example

  1. Step 1: Brainstorm: basketball
  2. Step 2: Expansion: nba
  3. Step 3: Digging: Michael Jordan
  • Digging: Michael Jordan Shoes
  • Digging: Air Jordan Shoes
  • Digging: Air Jordan release date

Tip: When you don’t know a niche well enough, feel free to search in Google for some ideas.

Something as simple as “most popular [insert keyword]” will give you tons of new ideas to plug into the GKP.

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