The Technology Sectors Benefitting From the Digital Generation

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Tech and Trends:- The digital generation receives a lot of criticism both in the media and among their other family members for just how much time they spend online or “messing around” with their phones, tablets and laptops. Many see their actions as anti-social and leading them to becoming increasingly withdrawn from society, but others look at it in a completely different way.

By spending so much time online and using gadgets, they are educating themselves on how things work and how to resolve any issues that may occur along the way. This means that they’re actually one of the most intelligent generations ever being able to do things with technology that many of us just can’t understand no matter how long we spend trying to learn.

The technology business sector in particular has benefited from this, as you might expect. Job applicants are coming to interviews for entry-level and even management roles in all kinds of companies with CVs filled with experience and expertise in areas that even the longest-serving member of staff in the company may never have tried their hand at.

This puts them right at the top of the wishlist for many companies and if they come with a degree as well then the company has some incredibly difficult decisions to make about which person to hire.

Marketing is one area that has significantly benefited from the digital generation who have come in with their fresh ideas, astounding abilities and modern processes to turn the industry on its head. Today there are possibilities for small local businesses to make sales around the world all because of what the web has to offer and what their employees can do with it.

By reaching out to new audiences using modern online marketing techniques such as search engine optimisation and social media management, these small companies have the potential to be as big as anyone in the industry – even bigger.

Sales positions have also increased in popularity, both within recruitment agencies and in in-house IT sales jobs. The people looking for these roles, trying to sell products and services, are able to tell potential customers more and more about the ins and outs of their goods and services and this increases the chance of making more sales for the company.

Having experienced personnel in these roles is essential and in other non-technological companies they are usually taken by those with many years worth of time spent working with specific products. Today, however, IT sales jobs are taken by people with a dedicated passion for all things tech and that enthusiasm can help to boost sales.

Web development is a third and final example. Youngsters are teaching themselves (or being taught, depending on the IT teaching in schools and colleges) how to do things such as coding and building websites from scratch so now they are able to offer a wide range of creative ideas on how to take the basis of a good website, turning it into something the clients and customers can be really happy with.

Websites are now ‘the face’ of a company, it’s no longer essential to be on the high street. Potential customers head straight for the website so a well-designed, clear and attractive site is essential – something these young tech wizards are becoming increasingly good at providing.

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