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Language Learning Apps

Information Technology Blog:- With some of the best educational apps available on phones, building a personal knowledge as never been so easy. Today, majority of people have modern smart phones where some just use the phones for entertainment. However, these phones allow people to enrich their minds while also entertaining themselves with the language learning apps.

The world is rapidly changing and due to this it is becoming more challenging in all aspects. Acquiring new knowledge may help one in adopting with all the changes and challenges. In old days, learning languages via a phone was not possible and so learning was considered to be a challenge. But today, with the awesome improvement in technology, one can learn numerous languages with just a touch of one’s finger tips. No one should let their time to be wasted; it is good to install some of the best language learning apps that will help enhance ones knowledge and lifestyle. Below are some of the most amazing language learning apps:

Language Learning Apps

Duo lingo

This is one of the best language learning apps and it is far much better than the expensive ones. It offers the most addictive and innovative exercises of all the apps. Each lesson strikes a perfect balance between vocabulary and grammar, and the questions makes good use of the phones touch screen interface. For example, one can just drag and drop a jumbled word into the correct order to construct a sentence.


Byki will teach a learner essential phrases and words in almost every major language one would wish to learn. This app operates on a flash card principle and quizzes the learner on words for numerous subjects. There are numerous Byki apps to help language learner learn:

  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Germany


This language learning app covers a wide range of speaker’s ability, whether a novice or advanced. Each of them covers all the basics to help one navigate everyday situations abroad. The extended content helps the learner to drill down to whatever specific need he/she might have. There are apps to help one learn:

  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • polish
  • French
  • Germany

Google translate

This app may not teach a lesson per section but it can be a useful supplement to another language learning app. one can type in any language and let the app to translate it. All one needs to do is to tell the app the language that one wants the text to be translated to. That is it.


It is one of the most amazing apps that can help people in practicing languages skills in a real world context. When creates an account with voxy, he/she is exposed to thousands of actual and stories in the targeted language, syndicated from the best publishers and modified to fit learners reading level. Each audio supplemented story evaluates a learner on his/her comprehension and allows them to tag vocabularies to study later. 


This is a mobile language learning platform that is based on adaptive flash card repetition algorithm. Instead of packing in lots of different styles of features and lessons, this app focuses on drilling o0n grammar and vocabulary with the use of the most efficient study method, confidence based repetition.

The above amazing apps can help people to jump start their language learning any time they want. Many of the above apps have more than one languages and so one should check on the developer to ensure that the language they want is available. These apps are available in numerous phone systems including android phone system and can be of great help when it comes to languages.

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