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Countries and Capitals App

Tech and Trends:- Are you bad at learning Countries and their Capitals? It is not an easy task for kids as well as adults to spot the countries in the globe and learn various details around them. Well, the good news is that you can now learn all about various countries that too in an entertaining way. Geography is a tedious subject for all of us but none of knew that it can be so much fun to learn it this way. You can never even imagine that learning countries and capitals can be so easy and filled with fun. Another gift of technology is the latest App for your iPhone and iPad known as Geo World Deluxe.

Countries and Capitals App

Features of the GEO App:

This latest app helps adults and kids by simplifying the learning process and making it more entertaining. To learn while you play is the best way to remember things easily that is most of the educational institutes are coming up with such new learning strategies. Various countries and their territories have been grouped together by the means of continents. This has been done to make learning easier so that you can choose any continent and learn all about the countries that fall under that heading.

You can choose to explore the continent by zooming into the map on the 3D globe and also learn about their capitals. Once you learn and gain confidence, you can take a fun quiz for that particular continent. The app also features a Find Countries game in which you will be asked to find out about a country or a territory by spotting it on the satellite view of the globe. Once you answer the question, the mode changed from the satellite mode to the standard one. In this way, you can show your skills and learn more and more geography. Isn’t challenging and amusing!!

What can be learnt from this App?

  • There are more than 1500 questions related to the geography of the globe so just by touching a pin in the map you can learn about that particular region from the great Wikipedia.
  • Learn about different flags, history of the countries, culture, national anthems, currencies, demographics, geography, pronunciations and lot more
  • You will also get the access to the linked content of the selected option so that you can dig into more details of any specific country or territory.

This single app consists of seven fully entertaining games that feature a total of 50 US states and world countries. The details are available not only in English but in other languages too.Apart from learning, you can also visualize the location of various oceans and forests in the 3D globe which will definitely make you think and wonder about the marvelous aesthetic beauty of the universe. The resolution of the globe is just brilliant and showcases its salient features in a high-tech way. The app will also be loved by kids who can learn about geographic locations in a fun way.

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