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We are surrounded by electrical and electronic devices all the time. In fact, we depend on these devices and appliances for the smooth running of our day-to-day life. There is no doubt in saying that electrical and electronic appliances make our lives comfortable but, at the same time, there is also no doubt that these appliances emit harmful force fields that poses a threat to our health.

The force fields are called Electromagnetic Fields or EMF. Now the question is what is EMF? EMF is force fields of the electrical and magnetic forces that are invisible to our eyes. EMF is produced by moving charges in the electrical appliances. The EMF travels in the form of radiation or waves, through the air and enters our bodies to interfere with the bioelectrical signals that are sent by the nervous system to the body parts.

This means that EMFs are severely harmful for our health. Long exposure to EMF can increase your stress levels. It can disturb your sleep cycles. It can alter your DNA. In addition, it has the capacity to affect your immune system. EMF exposure is a major contributor towards heart disease in people.

EMF is measured in milli-Gauss (mG) and the safe limit of EMF exposure is considered a maximum of 2.5 mG. In order to get an idea about how necessary protection from EMF is for you, you must know how much EMF is emitted by basic appliances. The oven emits between 100 to 500 mG. A vacuum cleaner emits up to 1300 mG of EMF. A hair dryer has the capacity to emit up to 20,000 mG of EMF. Therefore, we must employ methods that offer us protection from EMF.

The cheapest and the best way to get EMF protection is to maintain a safe distance from the electrical appliances. When you are using them, try to be as far as possible from the appliance. The intensity of EMF decreases rapidly with the distance. Next option can be minimum use of theses appliances. For example, do not use the blender; use your hand to beat the egg. Similar tactics can reduce your EMF exposure substantially.

The other not so economical method is to buy products that offer you protection from EMF. These products inhibit the harmful effects of EMF on your body. Either they absorb the EMF thus considerably reducing their intensity or, they distort the pattern of the EMF emitted by the electrical appliances in your surroundings. Either way, these EMF protection devices greatly reduce the health risks that come with the EMF exposure.

These products come in different shapes and sizes. This is according to the choice of the buyer. You can have small devices that are in the shape of pyramids to keep it in your room beside you or in the form of a pendant that can be worn around the neck. These also come in small patches and big patches that can either be placed on the appliances or can be kept in the room for overall protection. Whatever your choice may be, EMF protection has become a necessity in modern times and we must go for it for a healthy life.

There are many EMF protection devices and they all have their own benefits. Some are designed to protect one against roaming electromagnetic fields and some EMF devices protect the residents of a particular home. There are even EMF devices that deflect electromagnetic waves coming from cell phones. No matter what kind of electromagnetic protection you need, you will find an EMF device that provides it.

EMF protection device size varies according to the required task. If you want personal and portable EMF protection devices, seek out smaller models. Conversely, larger devices are required to protect an entire home from EMF. Indeed, you may need to purchase more than one device; however, the dangers posed by electromagnetic fields may well outweigh any reservations you may have.

Despite all the benefit electricity brings to the world, there is also much danger associated with it as well. Thus, it is critical to protect yourself. EMF devices provide such protection. Why not take advantage of what they have to offer?

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