Telecoms Contract Recruitments In 2015: What You Need To Know

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Telecoms Contract Recruitments

The number of people looking to get telecoms contract roles around the world has continued to increase in recent years. The industry is seeing its highest level of activity in a long while following the recession.  Big companies like BT are stocking up on contractors working for them amidst fears that contractors will become scarce in the future.

However, industry experts like Wenham carter consulting say the telecoms contract recruitment industry is as competitive as ever. BT for example laid off as many as 6,000 contractors at the peak of the financial crisis in 2008. They are yet to recruit that number of contractors in all their recent recruitment campaigns combined. This means that technical contractors with expertise in the area of voice, data/IP, wireless and satellite technology still have to ward off stiff competition to land well paid roles, especially in developing markets where operators are constantly looking to extend their networks and services.

We are going to take a look at what every telecoms contractor is expected to demonstrate in order to be deemed suitable for any role in this industry.

Convincing results in competency based interviews

A competency based interview is the recruiting company’s way of seeing what you have accomplished so far in your career as a telecoms contractor. You should also be able to demonstrate how you went about achieving these accomplishments. The competency interviews also helps establish if you will be comfortable with the way your employers work. They take the approach that the best predictor of future performance in a given domain is your past experience in a similar scenario. They focus in on knowledge, skills, attitudes and your personality.

Convincing technical abilities

Regardless of what area of the telecoms sector you are looking for employment in, you are expected to demonstrate up-to-date knowledge in the technicalities of the sector. Your past experience and achievements won’t compensate for the need for these up-to-date skills.

Convincing psychometric reports

Depending on what roles you are applying to, you may be required to undergo psychometric tests. This will help the company evaluate your aptitudes, suitability to stressors, and personality.

Apart from all this there are other standards you are expected to meet. These are basic requirements in most recruitment plans but many telecom contractors, especially the newer entrants into the field, do not always recognize them as required of them.  What are these factors?

  • You must be self-motivated and hungry to succeed
  • You are expected to have a positive and confident approach to anything you do
  • There must be respect for clients and colleagues in your approach
  • You should be able to deliver on your promises
  • You can’t work without a team in the telecoms sector so you need to understand teamwork
  • You must be willing to take, and actively seek responsibility
  • You must not have any records of prejudice
  • You must be able to remain calm and consistent even in the face of tough challenges
  • You should have a can do attitude, and see solutions where others see problems

Industry statistics show a rise in pay for telecoms contractors. You can enjoy this new lease of life only if you have the right technical skills and the right attitudes required to succeed in the exciting emerging markets.

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