Technologies and Devices That Help Disabled Drivers

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Technology That Help Disabled Drivers

Tech and Trends:- Being disabled doesn’t mean that you cannot drive especially in these modern times. It is very possible for a disabled person to drive go to school, to work or wherever place that you may be in need of going. All you need is to pass the driver’s test getting a driving license and of course buying a car to enjoy the benefits of the services offered by having a car, but this is very different when it comes to a disable person. People with disabilities need to have some devices which they use as special aids and assistive in order for them to be able to drive. Lately high tech equipment’s have been developed to help them drive and here is the list.

Turny Orbit seat – this is a car seat lift that is motor operated and can be mounted on a passenger’s seat and be swiveled outwards. It is possible for you to rotate, lift, and lowering it using a manual control, or remote control and this is optional. The car seat lift has a loading capacity of 330 pounds. The car seat lift can easily be installed on almost all vehicle types but the most suitable vehicle includes SUVs, vans and pickups. For the people with disabilities this a perfect device to assist them when getting out of a car.

Technology That Help Disabled Drivers

Back up Cameras and Blind Spot Warning Systems – most of the new cars nowadays have standard equipment’s with these features which are of help to drivers who have disabilities like arthritis and especially those who have visual impairment or any other kind of disability that would make it difficult for them to turn their heads. These devices will be of great help to people, who also have a problem of seeing the rearview and side mirrors, and those who cannot recognize the situation on the road or parking lots. They give a clear view being displayed on the screen in front of you.

Keyless entry and Keyless ignition – for the car owners it sounds appealing having the ability to lock and unlock or starting a car without using a key. But this is a feature that is mostly useful l to disabled drivers especially those who can’t move their fingers or hands properly this may have been caused by arthritis. It is therefore an ideal alternative starting your car without pushing of a button. With the keyless entry feature it’s the same as for locking and unlocking as it will allow you to use remote by just hitting a single button.

With these features it will be possible now for the drivers with disabilities to be able to drive their cars without any problem and without any limitations. All you will require as a driver is renewing driving license which also will not need so much time as you can do it online. Driving is fun and thus it is the joy of every driver to have comfort when driving and this has been made possible by improvising of these features.

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