Surefire ways to increasing your Infolinks revenue – Some advice

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Infolinks is indeed a useful revenue-generating opportunity for all the small and big sites. It gives you the opportunity to serve In-Text ads on your site and receive a small share for each valid click on it. The best-paying keywords are underlines and each time a visitor hovers over one such best-paying keyword that are highlighted, an advertisement related to that particular keyword will be shown. And every time a visitor clicks on one such ad, you will get paid a commission. The more are the number of clicks, the more will be the traffic that can be generated. So you should try to make higher quality content and learn how to market your site in the best possible manner. Here are some of the most effective ways in which you can maximize your Infolinks revenue.

  1. Match the highlight color and the link color: Set the color of the link so that it better suits your page. Make sure that the color of the In Text link stands out from the rest of the text colors of your pages. You will find an option on the right side of the customization wizard to set the text and background colors so that you can see how Infolinks In-text links will look on your website. Choose each color wisely. The common color of a link is blue but you can choose a better hyperlink color as the link color plays a role in bringing more links.
  2. Always use single underline: You can set the highlighted links on your webpages to have a single or double underline. The most common way in which we see hyperlinks are by using double underline as this gives a clear message to your online visitors that they are In Text ads. You can also set single underline for your ads as this will surely increase the CTR of your page. However, Infolinks serves better paid ads with double underlined keywords.
  3. Choose the maximum link per page: You can set the link per page to 6. Infolinks recommends the users to set the maximum number of links per page to 12 in order to get the feeling of ads on the pages of your website. If your entire page has more than enough content to optimize, you can even set it at the largest. This will in turn increase your site revenue.
  4. Select the right content category: You can choose any of the categories of content from the list that best fits your website to get better ads according to your target audience. You can even change your current category from ‘My Websites’ menu and choose a proper category for your website to check the result.
  5. Content is the king: The most important advice is to enrich your pages is by writing more high quality and fresh content. This is the secret to increase traffic and enhance the CPC of your ads.

Therefore, when you’re looking for ways of website monetization, you can take into account the above mentioned tips to increase your Infolinks revenue.

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