Strategic Compliance Solutions: Why Cyber Security Matters in Your Business

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Cyber Security Matters in Your Business

Cyber security is more than an anti-virus program, a series of form password fields, or even a firewall on your modem. Making your company’s private data secure takes real holistic strategic compliance solutions to protect data and make your virtual media invulnerable. It’s unfortunate that, in today’s world, every form of electronic media and data is vulnerable to data breaches, hackers, malware, phishing, viruses, and more. Everybody needs cybersecurity and strategic compliance. Here is a three-step plan:

First, Identify Vulnerabilities

Before you plan on implementing any strategic plan for your business, it is important to identify your company’s highest priority vulnerability issues.  Even if your business is a small entrepreneur out of your home office, you need a military-grade approach to security. The best defense is a better understanding of your needs from the offence. This means testing your systems, programs, and data lines using top-grade programs designed to test for vulnerabilities by attack, penetration, incident response, and adaptability.

Remember, security isn’t just about a high-end firewall and an anti-virus, it is also concerned with reducing avenues for incoming malware, spyware, data breaches, and a host of security protocols designed to prevent the loss of data though seemingly innocuous things like emails and website cookies.

Second, Identify Industry Needs

What kind of company do you run? If your company transfers private data, such as medical records or credit card information, you will need to comply with federal laws and industry standards for data security whilst preventing any breach in data transfer. These include:

HIPPA – Securing electronic medical records between medical professionals both within a hospital and without. Medical records often change hands a few dozen times, between doctor dictations, nurses, medical wards, specialist’s offices, and transcription services.

PCI – Anybody who takes money in exchange for goods instantly becomes a target for data thieves. Identify theft and credit card theft is high crime and lucrative. Protecting your customers’ needs is top priority and any data breach can destroy your company’s credibility.

Litigation and Incident Response – When breaches of security happen or issues with securing data happen, it is important to have a planned immediate response. Putting into play a planned emergency protocol is crucial to keeping your business running smoothly. Who manages your program passwords? Who manages point of security? Who manages software issues?

Third, Training and Planning

There are many challenges in cyber security today and only a strategic and compliant solution is the answer. Having a plan of action can prevent many incidents from happening while also helping to resolve issues as quickly as possible to get your company back to business swiftly. A strategic plan allows for the proper data security tools and software, the right training, and ongoing support for incident resolution.

For Startups and Corporations, Cyber Security Matters

As the virtual world continues to evolve and expand, so will the ongoing onslaught of security issues. Planning for cyber security should be the starting process for every business, even small startups or private home businesses – as soon as there is a transaction of money or private data, there is an opportunity for data theft. Developing a strategic and complaint data security plan should be a top priority for all businesses.

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