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Social media has come a long way from its infancy. Every business worth its salt is actively engaging in building its social media presence in order to access more brand advocates and customers. We’re all familiar with the top social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and others, but how do you know where to invest your time to have the greatest impact on the business?  Each platform has separate features, audiences, and utilities, and many will have some ability to grow your customer base. Let’s look into what you should consider.

First off we should note that rather than have a paper-thin presence on several channels, it makes a lot more sense to master one or two, and then consider building on more. According to Matt Steele of Social Media Planner, “Don’t spread yourself thin; be strategic and focus on one platform that seems most promising for your brand and be awesome at that, rather than being mediocre at a bunch of different platforms.” This quote from Matt summarises the importance of being focused to be successful.

The audiences of social media platforms are different, and some work better for B2B, while others are more B2C.  Some cater to a local audience. In fact, in most channels you can cater to a specific niche of your choice, if for example you are in the auto industry, you can create content specific to the auto segment and have interested people follow you and share your views and information. Using smart organic methods and even paid initiatives, the advantage of using social media to create brand awareness is immense.


You need to know the target market for your social media blitz to be successful. For example, it’s now understood that teenagers use Instagram and Snapchat more than Facebook and Twitter. So if you are targeting this demo a campaign on Instagram will be more successful. You can have the same campaign on other social media outlets too but targeting your demographic will give you more dividends. Similarly it has been found that Pinterest viewers are mostly female, so if your campaign is female oriented and responsive to imagery, you are best served concentrating on Pinterest rather than the others.

Social marketing tactics are not one-time strategies; they should be continuous in nature, building off previous gains and seeking out influencers in your space who can further amplify your content. You need to keep the audience hooked and interested and this will eventually convert into leads and sales.

It is not necessary to be a part of all social media networks, you need to be successful in engaging your audience in just one network to build a great brand. Master LinkedIn and Twitter if your aim is to promote yourself as a consultant – look to Houzz and Instagram if you’re in the DIY space – consider Facebook if you’re an e-tailer who likes to run contests.  As Matthew Service, from Service Internet Solutions, says, “Identify the correct social media platform(s) and then post with some consistency, commit to at least once per week.” If we’re talking about Twitter, we’d want to expand this to “post at least 5 times per day” due to the noise and short attention spans on this particular channel.  Find out where your audience hangs out, and build your base there – this will ensure your social media success.

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