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Google Alerts

Tech And Trends:- This is such a cool thing – it’s just one more way to do research, but the results are delivered to your email inbox, as often as you want them to be. It doesn’t get easier than that! Google has this service, and yes – it’s free. It’s called Google Alerts, and you can find the page in question at: Now, I had never used this before, but those brilliant guys at Strategic Profits ‘turned me on’ to it. I signed up to receive an alert for the search phrase “eBook marketing,” and here’s a sample of what I Get in my inbox every day:

 Google News Alert for: eBook marketing

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 Blogging And Article Marketing – How This Will Help You To Sell

 If you are busy at work writing your eBook, the last thing you may want to take on is more writing. But, by blogging and writing articles, you will be able to leverage your time spent writing so that you can sell your eBook more easily EBook Writing and Marketing Secrets –

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Affiliate Marketing – marketing With Blogs and Rss Videos. By admin Traffic control in the Oak Hill and […] Freebie Coupon Corner. Imagine Free Groceries In Your Shopping Cart. Freebie Coupon Corner. – Your Source of Information on Creating and marketing eBooks. Guide To eBook marketing.

Craigs Listings Online – RSS… –

This once a day Google Alert is brought to you by Google. So, how handy is that?! You can use Google Alerts to keep track of developments in your niche market (mine is eBook authoring and marketing), and also as a means to find potential JV partners. Just one more Internet based tool designed to keep you current, and informed of opportunities. Throughout this process, you’ll be adding leads to your spreadsheet database, created.

Early on in this chapter when you’re done, you’ll have a refined list of potential partners, as well as the Joint Venture Worksheet from Chapter 1, identifying the content and goals of your joint venture vision. These two tools will lead us into the partner acquisition process, well equipped for success. Now we’re going to add one more element.

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