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Scary Maze Game

Tech and Trends:- There are lots of scary maze games on the Internet. Many of these are written by different people but have the same basic idea. All of the games are small flash games which can be played in a browser without needing to download any additional software to your computer.

Object of the Game

The object of the game is similar to one of those old games where you have to move a hoop over a wire without making contact and sounding a buzzer. It’s a fairly simple maze game. You will use your mouse, or touch pad on a laptop to guide a tiny square through a series of channels. The paths start off very wide and this makes life nice and easy, however they get smaller and smaller, this means that you will need to concentrate hard to complete this game.

Scary Maze Game

Of course the real object of the game is to scare your friends, but you can still try to play properly and see exactly what happens. As soon as you click the play button of the game your mouse controls the little box you have to guide through the maze. If you move it into the borders then you will have to start over again.


The prank is what is supposed to make playing this game scary. When you get further on in the game a scary face or picture will pop up on the screen along with sound effects. If this is the first time that you have played the game then it might make you jump and give you a bit of a fright. This is why the scary maze game is becoming so popular. People love showing it to their friends and letting them play on it and then looking at their reaction when they get scared.

The reason the prank works so well is because you really have to concentrate to do the maze. At first it is easy but as the path gets smaller and smaller you really have to concentrate. Then right at the moment when you are trying your hardest the scary face pops up. As it’s not what you were expecting it is quite a shock, especially if you didn’t notice the name, or you are wondering why it is called a scary maze.

Different Versions

The original scary maze game is fairly basic and simple, there are also many other versions which have different maze designs and of course a different scary ending to the game. There are Halloween inspired mazes, Exorcist mazes, New years mazes and plenty of different types of standard maze to choose from. You will be able to trick your friends and family many times with these mazes.

Searching Around

With so many of these scary maze games available on the Internet, it pays to have a search around so you can find the best one or you. Search with a search engine to look for some of the best and have a go at playing them. You might know you’re in for a shock at the end, but try to choose one that your friends will really enjoy. Scary maze games area a great way to shock your friends, it’s even better if you get their reaction on camera!

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