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In general, it is a new arsenal of handy tools that is now available both for developers and admins. For people who are searching for quality salesforce developer tutorial, this issue should definitely be on their priority list. If you are not familiar with this brand new set of Salesforce tools, we can just say that you will be delighted with its features and potential.  It is simple unmatched when it comes to making stronger connection between admins and developers.

This is very important for making highly customized apps. It is not an exaggeration to say that Lightning is the future of application development.  For some experts, it brings a new revolution in creating certain apps that will be designed individually for each customer. Because of that, we can forget about those huge and “universal” applications, those fully- fledged platforms that were built for everyone. This is a time of individualization in all aspects. Thanks to Lightning, developer and admins will be able to create smaller components that can be implemented in specific products in order to meet all customer’s requirements. This is huge. Using these new tools, the whole development process will be far more faster, and, on the other hand, users will have platform that will be designed especially for their specific business needs.

Salesforce Developer Tutorial for Beginners

So, if you are looking for salesforce developer tutorial, make sure it is related with Lightning platform. And for those if you who are not sure what is salesforce and what it can do for your business, you might want to get informed on that fast!

When these tolls launched for the first time, people were confused in the beginning, particularly because term “lightning” is use to explain or describe every new function of feature of a product.  This is the reason why many were suspicious about Salesforce1 Lightning. Everything started to be clearer after company explained that this term represent the next generation of their famous platform.

It is , as we said in the beginning, very useful arsenal of tools which can be used for various improvements of basic Salesforce platform.

For example, Lightning Framework is a new concept of using components in order of creating extremely customized apps.  In addition, there is also “Builder”, which is already declared a revolutionary tool. The next great thing is so- called Process builder, with many additional features that are very similar to Workflow 2.0.

There is just no enough space to list all those great things that Lightning brings with it. We recommend you to apply for salesforce developer tutorial and improve your current knowledge.

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