Realizing Business Potential With the Android Application Development

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Android Application Development

Information Technology Blog:- Right from the inception, the applications android development had witnessed a steady increase in the application numbers in the Google Play Store. Android’s phenomenal success is largely attributed to the global consumers, who are said to have embraced such applications at a fast pace. Statistics state that Android smart phone shipment has grown tremendously over the last few years. Also, Android has been dominating the market share with about 73.5% the previous financial year, according to reliable reports. Recently, IDC, a well known research firm had quoted that the market share of Android has increased from last year’s 7.35% to around 79.3%. It is undoubtedly wonderful news, especially for every business establishment, which has been looking forwards to enhance their operation by using smartphone and tablet applications.

Android Application Development

Business environment and Android

Being tipped as an open-source development, this particular tool is available without any charge. This along with the tools being one of the best in the market has been gracefully embraced by application programmers, in million, across the globe. With these people contributing their efforts together, there are plenty of applications that are being developed for the general mass, of which some are free, whereas, others are required to be purchased at a reasonable price. As a matter of fact, the advancement of the development platform has indeed opened up new avenues and opportunities for Android marketers, developers and businessmen. Also, developers are said to have teamed up along with the marketers for developing different types of android apps along with strategic advertising procedures, which can reach more customers, with great ease. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs are investing heavily on the Android development and the subsequent result is that it offers a huge variety of business applications, commercial software, games and much more.

Why to use Android Development Environment?

As the major objective and goal of any business is in generating revenue, every entrepreneur needs to develop a perfect strategy that would assist him in capturing the consumers’ attention in huge numbers. Having android development environment in their disposal, such entrepreneurs have been working continuously on it night and day, to produce the results that are to be seen by everyone in the market. Even though, there are various mobile development platforms such as the iPhone, Symbian and Blackberry, several basic reasons are present for one to believe in the android development for enhancing the business.

  • Android is said to offer an easy to use environment for development, which is used for developing the custom aplicaciones android and to test them for determining their functionality and usefulness before actually uploading them for the consumers to enjoy the downloads.
  • Google Play Store currently hosts the Android apps and is regarded to be the biggest mobile app market drawing in plenty of visitors to access it regularly. Thus, the apps reach a huge number of audiences than the other developing platforms.
  • The update that is introduced by Google on Android has helped it to grow much better and bigger. It gives plenty of room for entrepreneurs, marketers and developers to derive at more strategies for the business.
  • It is these benefits that do make Android application the very best development environment. Moreover, the developers do get adequate support at the time of designing the application by utilizing SDK, when they upload it on the Google Play Store. This platform provides a huge and wonderful collection of libraries that makes it quite possible in developing anything that is required. Besides this, it also comes with included features, which enables the developers in porting applications from the other available environments like iPhone, Blackberry, and then have them to be transformed into cross-platform apps, which can be utilized on any type of device.


In case, the virtues of the business requires, security, independence, customer and worker fulfillment, versatility and benefits, then Android is undoubtedly the best one to be select by the entrepreneur.

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