RC 4WD Off-Road Truck Review

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Radio-controlled trucks are equally popular among children and elders.

It is an enjoyable hobby that can keep you hooked. RC off-road trucks are expensive but are suitable for uneven tracks.

They can run at a considerably high speed on dirt bike tracks. From basic to advanced controls, you can easily find a truck suitable for your requirement.

The RC 4WD off-road truck seen on Aus Electronics Direct can reach a higher speed as compared to many other RC cars since it is a 4-wheeler drive.

The radio-controlled truck contains various components that assist in driving it smoothly.

Its remote includes a transmitter that controls the vehicle via radio signals.

The truck has a circuit board to receive radio signals and RC 390 motor controlled wheels and steers them in desired directions.


In remote-controlled vehicles, battery life is one of the major concerns.

It is also prone to get damaged due to overcharging. However, RC 4WD Off-Road Truck comes with a protection system that keeps it safe from over-charging.

The suspension is of high quality and is equipped with oiled shock absorbers. It can sustain its initial condition for long, despite running on bumpy tracks.

These trucks have large wheels to ensure it does not slow down. It uses RC 390 motor to provide a fast yet smooth drive.

The average battery charge time is 2 hours, while play time is 8 minutes. Make sure that you do not overcharge the battery to avoid replacing it time and again.

The vehicle remote has an overheat protection system. Usually, remotes of RC vehicles get affected by continuous use.

However, the heat protection system keeps its remote from getting affected. The outer body is made from plastic, while the internal controls are metallic.

Radio Signals:

You can control the vehicle through its remote. The remote works on 2.4 GHz radio frequency and can operate from up to 80 meters of distance. These RC frequency models are also less prone to interference.

Moreover, the wireless remote comes equipped with advanced digital controls. These powerful controls ensure that you can conveniently drive your vehicle from a distance.

The accurate steering controls help you efficiently drive the RC truck.


The performance of a radio-controlled vehicle is evaluated on the basis of speed and accuracy.

RC enthusiasts usually focus on the top speed that the vehicle can attain. However, you should choose a vehicle with lower speed if you intend to gift it to your child.

This vehicle can travel at 31 km/hr maximum.

It is safe for people of all ages due to its precise handling. The truck is integrated with a splash-proof system that allows you to drive the vehicle in muddy areas.

The truck is available in a combination of black and orange colors, and its weight is just 2.2 kg.

The gun style remote ensures easy handling. The purpose of large wheels is to drive it smoothly on uneven surfaces.
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